Luna & Curious to hold “hands-on” workshops during London Design Festival
By Heloisa Righetto

  Interiors & lifestyle shop Luna & Curious will hold a series of workshops to celebrate “hands-on” making during this year’s London Design Festival. …

Jul 16, 2015



Interiors & lifestyle shop Luna & Curious will hold a series of workshops to celebrate “hands-on” making during this year’s London Design Festival.

The idea is to make “handmade” tangible to the general public: although handmade is a well known term (and most of the products sold at Luna & Curious are handmade), the process is invisible in the final product.

A series of workshops will enable attendees to make their own marks, from making clay pinch pots to mark making on wrapping paper and stationery. All workshops will run daily during the festival, from 12 to 4pm, and are free to attend. The full list of activities will be listed on the shop’s website.

Find out more about what London Design Festival 2015 has planned in this preview of the landmark events.

– Heloisa Righetto

Luna & Curious to hold "hands-on" workshops during London Design Festival

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