LOST: The magazine from China re-writing travel
By WGSN Insider

Want to know more about China? Pick up a copy of LOST – it’s travel from a Chinese perspective and very cool. WGSN Think Tank Associate Editor Carys Williams reports

Aug 20, 2015

Lost magazine China

LOST is a new bilingual periodical published in China. It’s written in English and Mandarin, and we’re getting very, very excited about it here at WGSN. Why? Because it’s a rare insight into life in China.

LOST reads more like a travel journal and the photos are real – snapshots of trips direct from contributors, as opposed to the stylised ones we’ve become so accustomed to. The copy reads like a diary entry. It captures the quirks of each traveller so much so you can really feel and hear their voices. This takes you closer to the action: it lets you get under the skin of the place. It’s like a paper portal to another city.

Lost magazine China

Lost magazine China

Unlike most other travel magazines, this one doesn’t tell you the best places to go or the swankiest hotels to stay in either. These are personal reflections, on-the-ground accounts that give you the real, unglamorous, unpretentious side of travel. LOST is all about feeling disorientated in an entirely foreign city.

Like its creator Nelson Ng explains: “Travel isn’t as glamorous as how most magazines portray it. You will never find that perfect National Geographic shot on your travels. Real travel will always be messy and full of surprises.”

Lost magazine China


Lost magazine China


Lost magazine China

Articles in the first issue include: Alone, On The Road, Mountain Man, Forty-Eight Hours at Sea and A Never-Seen Old Friend. The second issue is currently in the works, so keep your eyes peeled.

Different? Yes. And that’s the point. What’s more: it’s from China and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Let’s hope this is the first of many more to come.

Lost magazine China


Lost magazine China

The Buzz: Travel is becoming more rough-and-ready. People want to veer from the beaten track and do away with the tour guides. As a result, expect an authentic, no-frills, do-it-and-see-what-happens approach to travel emerge. This is deep travel, and it’s a state of mind.

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