Loneliness is Driving New Ways to Connect with Customers

The same kind of digital connectivity that was causing feelings of isolation in a pre-pandemic world became the tool for togetherness in lockdown. Going forward, businesses can connect customers with their brand and other digital natives organically through online platforms.

The Loneliness Syndrome

Loneliness was a rising concern for societies before the pandemic began. Global ‘hustle hard’ culture was leading to burnout for many, as people were overworked and overwhelmed. This always-on mentality led to the desynchronisation of routines that previously created opportunities for socialisation.

One of these acts, the practice of cooking and sharing meals together, has been a human ritual for centuries. By preparing and sharing food, diners have the chance to share experiences, cultures and show hospitality to friends, family and even strangers, but as lockdowns of varying severity were implemented across the globe, feelings of isolation set in, with many people no longer able to share a meal with their loved ones.

Virtual Connections

Much like in our homes, this art of creating community through food is in the DNA of the hospitality and food service industry. The industry reacted quickly to the pandemic, and continued to cater to their customers with virtual experiences. By using online tools and delivery services, they were able to connect with them while in-person interactions were not possible. These experiences came in the form of online classes, tastings and demos. The aim? To replicate the lost culinary experience and foster community among participants.

No matter the size of your business, adopting these channels allows content to be globally accessible. For brands offering food education, customers from any country can tune in to learn from master chefs, once again connecting food, culture and global communities.

The Winning Strategy: Promote Togetherness

By fostering community spirit, brands support their customers and simultaneously forge a closer bond with them. Brands can help customers by connecting them with expert online assistance. In beauty and food, having ‘approachable pros’ will reassure consumers who aren’t sure on ingredients or that are trying new techniques, encouraging them to repeat buy following a successful experience.

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