London Fashion Week S/S 16: Who won at social media?
By Sara McCorquodale

From the most shared picture to the people who created the biggest buzz, this is how #LFW panned out for the brands

Sep 29, 2015

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London Fashion Week is shorter than its counterparts in New York, Milan and Paris but was arguably pacier this season due to the explosion of social activity and innovation throughout the event. And the industry values this hive of tweeting, Instagram-ing and Snapchat-ing – you’re as likely to find a group of social influencers front row as you are celebrities and editors.

But who made the biggest impact and which platform was the buzziest throughout? Our friends at Trendalytics have mined social data from #LFW and these are their findings…

1. The top three trends that truly resonated on social media were…
London Fashion Week social media
i) Sleeves (and the more volume the better)
ii) Blue eye make-up (particularly pics posted by MAC on its Instagram)
iii) Folkloric florals (because boho is back).

2. The picture that got most social attention throughout the whole of #LFW was…
Topshop Unique

Bella Hadid in Topshop Unique’s powder pink faux fur coat, look #17 of the show. This social activity around this picture accounted for 10% of all social activity for London Fashion Week.

3. However… Bella wasn’t the only model creating a stir.
Cara Delevingne Burberry
Burberry’s four most socially successful posts featured Cara Delevingne (and she didn’t even walk in the show).

4. The biggest influencers overall were…

ii) Topshop
iii) Louis Vuitton (for its exhibition LV3 Series)
iv) Kristina Bazan (AKA Kayture).

5. But the social platform that won #LFW was… Instagram! (Which accounted for 98.6% of social engagement for London Fashion Week).
London Fashion Week instagram

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