Little Giants gets in on the high-end streetwear action with parody labels for kids
By Erin Rechner

Fans of streetwear labels Supreme and Palace can now dress their kids up as little mini-me’s thanks to the new offering from kidswear brand, Little Giants.

Jul 20, 2016

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As streetwear continues to permeate the young men’s scene and young skater dad’s closets everywhere, the brand Little Giants is now making parody items for kids.

The products include sought after brands such as Supreme = Supreemie, Palace = Playpen, Anti Social Social Club = Anti Learning Learning Club, BEEN TRILL = Born Trill, Raised by Wolves = Raised by Woes and more.

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The online store offers a range of products from t-shirts to onesies, hoodies, and baby bottles. The graphics are smart looking identical to their parent brands and just as easily identifiable.

The company wanted to challenge traditional kidswear brands stating that “Since you’re here, chances are, you’re not the ‘average’ parent, you still dress fly, you know what’s good and you relate with the youth of today and not the old school mind state of parents from the past. You’re ‘different’ and that’s cool, cause we are too!”



WGSN Senior Menswear Editor Jian DeLeon thinks the line is funny, and a perfect fit for parents who are fans of subcultural street brands that have a healthy sense of self-awareness. “A lot of the brands parodied tend to be the sort of things teenagers will fawn over later in life, so I suppose Little Giants helps them get an early start on obsessive consumer behaviour,” he jokes.

kids-supreme-parody-streetwear-13-1200x800Being able to tote around your child in the most hyped-up clothing around is sure to be sought after by parents as streetwear brands have still not touched this demographic.

Unless you are a spawn of Kimye and can easily get your hands on a custom fit Palace tri-logo tee, we suggest you head over the to Little Giants website now to get in on the action.





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