Lingerie Photography by Henrik Adamsen: Simplicity is Sexy
By Jo Lynch

We interview Demark-based photographer Henrik Adamsen on his process of creating beautiful, naturally sexy images of women for beauty and womenswear campaigns.

Oct 06, 2014


Demark-based photographer Henrik Adamsen creates beautiful, naturally sexy images of women for beauty and womenswear campaigns. His talent for shooting the female body has led to some exciting work with lingerie brands such as Underprotection, Forrest & Bob, Change and Loveable.

Henrik, please tell us why do you like to photograph lingerie and how do you create such stunning images of the female body?

I love shooting lingerie because it, in my opinion, is the most beautiful way of celebrating the perfect shape. I like to work with simplicity, because it creates focus. But I also sometimes like to mess up the pictures a bit, to heighten the atmosphere, and to create the contrast needed to bring out the beauty. Many of my shots are shot using daylight or in a few cases very direct light to simulate direct sunlight, again for simplicity. Simplicity is just sexy.

Forrest & Bob campaign S/S10

Forrest & Bob campaign S/S10

Change Christmas campaign 2011


Change Christmas campaign 2012

Change Christmas campaign 2013

Change campaign S/S 2014

Underprotection campaign S/S 13

Underprotection campaign S/S 14


To view more of his work:

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