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Wellness and the future consumer

WGSN Futures London: 5 Key Ideas

From the age of anxiety to the mood market and caring with commitment, we explore five of the key ideas from WGSN Futures London 2017.

London Design Festival 2017 Preview

Installations at London's best venues by some of the buzziest names in design can only mean one thing: LDF has announced its 2017 agenda. WGSN's Sarah Housley explores the highlights so far

The Importance of Housewarming: Trade fair booths get a revamp

Trade show booths now look more like cozy apartments. As the appetite for housewarming increases trade shows have revamped their interior decor.

Shoppable Hospitality: The Rise and Rise of Hotel Lobby Retail

Are hotel lobbies the new stores? We explore how hotel lobbies have been reimagined as new retail locations. WGSN reports.

Amazon and the race towards the intelligent home

The intelligent home: meet the new wave of tech that does everything from offer fashion advice to delivering home entertainment systems of the future.

Outdoor living spaces

Why your outdoor space looks like your living room

As the boundaries between indoor and outdoor continue to blur, terraces, balconies and gardens look more and more like an extension of our home. Why is that? WGSN's Vittoria Toffoli explains

Bernhardt furniture products at High Point Market

At High Point Market, Brands Play With Op-Art Inspirations

Are the 1980s back? WGSN reports on the revival of the Memphis Group interior design style spotted at High Point Market, making waves.

Milan 2017: Less Is A Bore. Feast on Pattern, Colour and Texture

The verdict on home interior trends? More is more. Milan Design Week 2017 was a celebration of pattern, colour and texture.

YelpEat24 powered food delivery robot tested in San Fran

Yelp Eat24 and the friendly neighbourhood robot who delivers your food

Yelp Eat24 tests out a delivery robot in San Francisco, powered by the courier robot company called Marble. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports

The rise of colour tripping

From art exhibitions to wellness, colour-based experiences are gaining ground. WGSN's Sarah Housley explores the trend

Charge & go: Nomadic lamps take over at Euroluce 2017

Designed for flexible lifestyles and a mobile concept of home, nomadic lamps are the key item at Milan's influential lighting fair. WGSN's Vittoria Toffoli reports

Designer tiles are the new must-have at #MDW17

With crafted materialism, sumptuous colour and mix-and-match designs, tiles are in the spotlight at this year's Milan Design Week. WGSN's Gemma Riberti reports