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new Ikea campaign

Why Ikea’s ASMR Back to College Campaign Is A Tingly Win

The new Ikea 'Back to College' campaign plays with the senses through ASMR creating a relaxed state for shoppers embarking on their new path.

Ibiza travel destination

Summer 2017 Ibiza travel: Your Eat, Drink, See and Shop guide

Ibiza travel: check out this island's gems; the best restaurants, bars, and stores offering up unparalleled fashion inspiration.

Kids Room Decorating ideas

How to make your kids’ room look sustainably stylish: 3 brands you must know about

Looking for Kids Room Decorating Ideas? Check out these stylish offerings that are also great for the environment. WGSN reports

inspiring house paint colours

Monochromatic Is The Way To Go For Interiors

When it comes to interior design, colour matters, and monochrome shades are key this season.

The WGSN Travel A-list: Moscow, Palm Springs and Hokkaido

In this month's Travel A-list, the WGSN City by City editors offer up the best recommendations for your next vacation or business travel trip

Found MUJI Series, Germany Collection- is here

Found MUJI Series, Germany Collection Launch: The rising trend of new nostalgia

The launch of the latest Found MUJI Germany Collection taps into the rising retail trend for new nostalgia influencing e-commerce. Taryn Tavella reports

These new spa treatments feed the rising consumer appetite for wellness

Your new spa treatment needs to be more mindful and include a dash of that feel good Himalayan salt because #selfcare matters. WGSN reports.

Fidget spinners: how a trend is born

Fidget spinners, they became the toy of the summer, but just how does a trend come to be? We explore the process here at WGSN.

The Warehouse Hotel, Singapore: A Modern Stay with a Story

The Warehouse Hotel is a mix of the old & the new, packed with heritage but with all the modern conveniences you could dream of. WGSN's Karen Chiang reports

Bedroom decorating ideas via IN BED instagram

3 Instagram accounts packed with bedroom decorating ideas & inspiration

WGSN's Marie Bourgat rounds up the accounts with the best visual inspo for your bedroom decorating ideas, to make bedtime even more fun.

Natural light: The next wellness obsession

Artificial lighting no longer floats our boat, WGSN's Sarah Housley reports on how a return to natural lighting is making us feel better.

The WGSN Travel A-list: Havana, Palma and Mornington Peninsula

This month our Travel A-List takes you around the globe from Havana to Mornington Peninsula, with offers from the latest and greatest hotels.