How does the WGSN Lifestyle team forecast key prints for S/S16-17?

Which colours are going to be dominating the Lifestyle & Interiors world in SS16? How will those key colours, prints and patterns impact your business?

This month WGSN is headed to Printeriors to reveal all. Gemma Riberti, Lifestyle and Interiors editor is currently heading to Printeriors to deliver a key seminar on the future of interiors for SS16, using the intensive intel we create at WGSN.

Her presentation is a chance for the trends to come alive, and for everyone from key buyers and retailers to see. Below she offers a sneak peek of what she’ll be talking about.

The potential for print and pattern applications is ever-growing, thanks to the fast technological improvements in digital printing. To provide inspiration and offer a glimpse of the many possibilities this entails, I’ll be looking at the 10 key trends in print and pattern for this year 2016, and then offer an overview of the Spring/Summer 2017 colour as well as print and pattern direction. This will allow the audience to concretely relate the trends to their specific markets and visualise them into collections, from textiles to decorative accessories as well as walls and floors.

It all starts with an inspiring brainstorm day. At the beginning of each season, we organise a day that involves the whole content team, across all departments – we all bring to the table what is driving us, from exhibitions to travels to music or film, as well as what emerged at the latest directional trade shows. Common paths already emerge during these sessions, and these will organically shape into a macro trend that is encompassing all fields, from fashion to materials to interiors. At the same time, I am part of the colour team – a cross-department, cross-continent effort that translates these macro trends into actionable global colour palettes. Once these have been defined I work on adjusting the main palettes specifically for the interiors market, that will then trickle down into all its many product categories.

Fashion and interiors are growing increasingly intertwined, and brands expand to become lifestyle brands the merge the two fields: this drives customers to desire and bring a certain direction into their own homes as well as their closets. Our work at WGSN is to provide support into how to bring these trends to life – with colour palettes as well as design direction that translates the general trends into actionable product and strategy, from shape to finish to print and pattern.


Zara Home

Nature is a very important source of inspiration that will take centre stage in the next seasons; in reaction to this ever-connected world the need to reconnect first-hand with nature and wilderness becomes impelling and translates into a renewed attention to the physicality of objects and materials. Colours, textures and patterns are drawn from the raw beauty of wild surroundings and mimic their surfaces with great realism and a focus on tactility as well.


House of Hackney

Sustainability is a key topic across interiors – and its importance across the market will grow steadily stronger. Customers are more informed and demanding an eco- and socially responsible approach from brands, bringing it beyond being just a marketing tool and entering the mass market. This trend for honest design brings a new focus on investing strategies for research into biodegradable and sustainable material alternatives, as well as on sourcing and processing that are behind the whole product development – including dyes and components used in printing, for instance. This taps into the afore-mentioned more general trend that sees customers needing a break from technology – being perpetually connected actually spurs a desire to reconnect with actual physicality and nature in a honest, direct approach that is both visual and tactile.




LIKE THIS? On March 10, Gemma will be delivering a talk as part of the Printeriors Conference talking about Print and Pattern trends in S/S16. To sign up head here


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