Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1950s Hot Rod & Banner Event at Tenue de Nîmes
By Samuel Trotman

Levi’s Vintage Clothing kick off the S/S 13 season with a 1950s Hot Rod and Banner event at Tenue de Nîmes.

Feb 28, 2013


Amsterdam denim favorites, Tenue de Nîmes and Levi’s Vintage Clothing joined forces last week for the launch of the LVC 1950s Hot Rod and Banner event.

Tenue de Nimes – LVC ‘s Hot Rod Season Launch from JAN (JustAnotherNerd) on Vimeo.


Last Thursday, February 21, Levi’s Vintage Clothing celebrated the launch of their new Spring/Summer 13 “Hot Rod” collection at the world famous Tenue de Nîmes Elandsgracht store, Amsterdam. The event was hosted by the Levi’s XX team who curated the store layout with the lookbook artwork, vintage 50s Levi’s pieces as well as some limited edition pieces exclusive to the store. Design Director Miles Johnson and other representatives from the Levi’s were on hand alongside the Tenue de Nîmes team to talk guests through the new hot rod-inspired range.

During the course of the evening guests could watch over British artist, Mark MacDonald as he recreated one of Levi’s archival denim banners.  Hand-painted on a fine red selvedge denim roll, the 1900s-inspired design featured the iconic Levi’s Strauss cowboy and will be hung on permanent display in the Elandsgracht store.

Alongside all the other proceedings, Rene and Menno also released the latest edition of their magazine, Nouvelle de Nîmes,featuring unique content by legendary Levi Strauss & Co-historian, Lynn Downey. If that wasn’t enough, a selection of hand-painted Trucker Jackets by the guest artist, MacDonald were also on offer. Attendees who wanted something special could order a unique hand-painted jacket with a design their choice. For anyone couldn’t make it down — they haven’t forgotten about you — head over to the webstore where you can select from the five special jackets on sale (€ 250.00).

Below is a small selection of images from the S/S 13 Levi’s Vintage Clothing lookbook, which is also available at the Tenue de Nîmes store. Also, head over to the Levi’s Vintage Clothing website to view the full collection and find out your local stocklist.

Launch party images courteous of the good folks over at Denim Hunters.

  • I found a pair of vintage levis in a charity shop a couple years ago, I noticed on the red levi label the e was a BIG (E) instead of the small one, I was told before that these were vintage so I bought them for 2euro.

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