Unseen Bombshells in Blue Jeans
By Samuel Trotman

Stylesight reveals a selection of unseen photos of vintage hand-decorated one-of-a-kind denim & babes from the `70s.

Jan 24, 2014


Its Friday, so we thought we’d introduce our readers to a saucy treat today with this amazing denim shoot from the vintage denim vaults: an unseen and unreleased photo shoot showcasing original folk denims from the ’70s.

Avid denim fans will remember the charming American Denim a New Folk Artthe 1975 book that highlighted the beautiful folk art of 50 denim artists. The pieces were the result of a competition ran for dedicated denim fans. The rules were simple: take the jeanswear pieces and customise them in your own unique way. As you can see the contestants really went for it producing a wide range of techniques ranging from appliques, embroidery and other needlepoint techniques as well as hand painting and studding.

To celebrate the collection, photographer Sam Haskins was commissioned to shoot the stunning hand-decorated one-of-a-kind denims. Taking a somewhat risqué approach Hoskins pulled together a selection of scantily clad babes (cue Delia) to style the pieces on. Sadly, the images were deemed too explicit for the time and were never used commercially.

If you love what you see here you should also check out, Native Funk and Flash a similar to a book that came out at about the same time. Thanks to the good folks at Stoned Immaculate for bringing this to us. Be sure to head over to their Tumblr for more ’70s-inspiration.

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