Les Visiteurs

Hey – not all summer tourists in New York are wearing cargo shorts and fanny packs! OK, well actually most of them are wearing cargo shorts and fanny packs. Sometimes though you will see a cool and cute young French couple…and you will notice the mod/nautical cap and the stripey/Breton shirt and the girl’s classic sexy French pout smeared with red lipstick. You will notice such things and think, “Hey tourists aren’t annoying – they’re actually really great!” This thought will likely not last for very long. I saw Marion and Andreas in Times Square…

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  • Jimmy & Danie

    happy to see our little girl with her boy friend in NY. They love this beautiful town. Thank you for the marvellous photos,whaou, we love it. Hi from Paris, we love your nice country and the american people. Marion & Andréas have been really happy to see you and thank you again for the really cute pictures.They are still in NY. Wonderfull holydays for us,New York,a great town ! Thank you again. Jimmy & Danie, the Marion parents. Merci beaucoup, on vous adore, bonjour l’Amérique! Happy to see you in Paris with pleasure.

  • they both look soooo good ! great catch !!

  • What’s the name of that style of hat? I’ve wanted one for a while, but not sure exactly what I’m looking for!

  • Hi James – that hat comes close to what would be called a Greek fisherman’s hat (do a Google image search for that and you can see the similarities)…it’s missing the typical Greek fisherman’s subtle embellishment though. It’s also not unlike the 60’s mod caps (often called a pageboy) that the Beatles wore in a few scenes in A Hard Day’s Night – I think that 60’s mod feel is what Andreas is going for here. It has elements too of a military officer’s cap – you might well find something close at a military surplus store. With hats – more than with any other apparel item I can think of – I think it’s always best to shop and try them on in person – do not buy online. You must actually see how the hat looks on you and check the size in person. I think that a hat will usually either look great on a person or ridiculous – there is very little in between with hats. Good luck! – eddie

  • Jimmy and Danie – so nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for taking time from your vacation to leave a sweet comment on my site. I am truly glad to hear that you are enjoying NYC and America and are being treated nicely! Just yesterday I was riding my bike thru Times Square…and there is this new thing where they have closed a large area of the street to traffic…and they have put out dozens (maybe hundreds) of beach chairs in the middle of the street – in the middle of Times Square! I was looking at all of the people just sitting in these beach chairs underneath all the huge neon signs…and at first I thought it looked a little silly…then I thought it looked cool…then I decided that it looked amazing…it is amazing because there is really no purpose to these chairs other than just sitting and relaxing and taking in the sights. There is no business purpose, there is no money purpose, they interfere with traffic and trucks and deliveries. But they serve a human purpose, an enjoyment purpose. When there are thousands of people in the Square and traffic is stopped and there are hundreds of people sitting in the middle of the street and the neon is blazing it is almost post apocalyptic – as if we have moved past money and war and cars and now we are all in solidarity sitting in beach chairs in the street. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your time in New York and take some time to sit in the street and stop traffic and take a look around! My best to Marion and Andreas. I will be in Paris in October and look forward to a home-cooked meal (haha)… – eddie

  • Anonymous

    wow, they’ve got american apparel written all over their outfits.
    The French seem to be a stylish bunch.

    Great photo! 🙂

  • Very cute! When I was in NY I couldn’t find any street styles at Times Square for my blog 🙁 too many cargo shorts and fanny packs.

  • deloris

    i want HER LIPS!! these two look great, and compliment each other well

  • i love how this guy is looklike!: )