Lagerfeld Confidential

Paris Fashion Week has reached its conclusion – and with it, women’s ready-to-wear fashion month. After running through as many shows and streets and parties as humanly possible in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, I feel like I now need to head to a spa for a month. Which brings to mind something Karl Lagerfeld said the other night at the Fendi party in Paris. This was the last major party of PFW and Gossip had just played live for a smallish crowd that included Lagerfeld, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Rachel Zoe, Mark Ronson, and Jamie Hince. It was after 1am when the band finished and Lagerfeld was still hanging out and chatting. I had the chance to tell him that I admired his wide-ranging curiosity – the obviously genuine interest that he holds not only for fashion but for edgy music, photography, books, furniture design, etc. (This was my attempt at finding a sophisticated way of saying, “Wow, you’re over 70 and into the Gossip – that rules!”) He explained to me that curiosity is not something you try to have – you don’t suddenly wake up one day and say, “I’m going to investigate culture today and go to a gallery and read a book and then this afternoon I’m going to discover some new bands.” He was saying that a curious nature – a desire to know everything about everything – is just part of who you are. If this is your nature, then no effort is required – curiosity and discovery will be as natural to you as breathing. I’m going to try to keep Karl’s naturally energetic and curious demeanor in mind in the coming weeks and months…his demeanor and personality are actually just as impressive as his huge talent as a designer and artist…but right now, I think I just need a nap. xx eddie

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  • wishing i were there…

  • oh how I would love to be a fly on the wall and just people watch!

  • Chloe

    Wish to see Alexa Chung’s pic! She always looks so chic.

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  • Those tshirts are fantastically absurd 🙂

  • The necklace in the second photo is AMAJJING!!

  • i’m dumb–WHO is the girl standing with karl in the 5th picture!? i’ve always loved her style!

  • so funny. i showed all of my friends your text: lucky. regardless, i’m glad you’re home!

  • The girl standing with Karl is Fifi Hicks…she’s half British, half French…a fur dealer from London who is often on the scene in London and Paris.

  • WOW! I love these pictures! they are very inspirational!!! Your blog is on my favorites list! http://www.fashionology.nl

  • Featured and linked on my blog, pleas let me know if this is not okay. 🙂

  • LOVE your site – your are my alltimefavorite!

    Thx for bloggin….


  • Stew

    I love Princess Anna Pahlavi in the second picture with the fabulous Andrea Feick!! Is that necklace Dior Haute Couture?

  • michaela

    who is the girl in the second picture with red hair?

  • I’d kill for the jacket on the redhead in the second picture!

  • I love, love, love your blog!
    Exchange links? I am so in!
    Let me know!
    with love,
    rachel lynne

  • Eva Cuarse

    Dahhhling, its so amazing to be over 70 + still have that attitude.
    Oh boy, thanks for sharing. Lovely!
    We should pay more respect for our elders that way. Take advantage of all they know… sometimes we don’t. Lets!

  • 2nd photo – the brunette girl is Andrea Feick – an American cutie who is studying fashion in Paris. I don’t really know her but did meet her and shoot her photo a couple of times while in Paris. She seems like the type of girl I should get to know better…she’s at all the right shows and parties and apparently has a penchant for wearing bikinis while partying on yachts with Bono at sunset – my kind of girl.
    I don’t know if her necklace is Dior Haute Couture. I asked her where it was from and she told me – but it was loud and I didn’t hear what she said – sorry. Maybe she is reading these comments and will leave a reply…
    Redhead – someone seems to think she is Princess Anna Pahlavi – not sure. For me really this photo was all about their energy and their headbands! They seemed to be having a blast…and they were both wearing headbands…if you are smiling and dancing in Paris and wearing a cute headband it is pretty much guaranteed that I will shoot your photo.

  • Do I spot Mark Ronson?

  • Is that…the Kaiser’s side profile! I can see a fraction of his eye! magnificent shots, Eddie!!!!

  • Luna Sea

    I’m not expecting this to yield any answers buuuuut, does anyone know where I can get that gray, corset-esque top? I shall forever be indebted to whomever can tell me where it’s from!

  • Gray corset top is from H&M – I asked her. (You are now indebted to me forever.) xx

  • frws

    good these pictures are amazing.
    can i ask who is that girl on the 14th picture with karl?

  • Steve

    the redhead at the 2nd pic IS Anna Pahlavi… but new to me that she is a princess (although, by marrying Cyrus Pahlavi, maybe…)