LA Couple Turns Their Home Into The “Funhouse House”

Let’s face it, Los Angeles is a city filled with a whole lot of talented individuals. The neighbourhood of Echo Park is known for being a particular hotbed of creativity in the city, but wait until you step inside the home of Alexa Meade and Chris Hughes- that’s where the real ‘fun’ begins. The couple has turned their 800 square foot apartment into the Funhouse House.

Alexa Meade is a LA based artist best known for her portraits painted directly onto the human body making her models appear as two-dimensional paintings. It’s safe to say her life is filled with colour as it is, and the home she creates with her hacker boyfriend Chris Hughes reflects that.


“Chris Hughes and I built almost everything in the house, everything is made with love and not a lot of money. Before Chris came in here, the place was a bit boring, so he brought in that spark to make the Funhouse House” explains Alexa Meade.

The Funhouse is filled with colour and you can feel the warmth and love that was put into it as you make your way through their wonderland. Sadly the Funhouse is not open to the public. We are thankful that these amazing artists shared a peek inside their home with us…check out the photos below, you won’t believe your eyes.


As you enter and walk up the rainbow stairs, you will notice the colourful stairs reflect back and forth thanks to the Mylar foil lining. Also, if the kids are grounded you will notice the sign on the door. By the way, Alexa and Chris do not have any children, “The Kids” is the name of their house cat.



So many mirrors so little time! Chris assembled a system of mirrors throughout the house just like this one. That sign actually reads “emoclew’ when looking through the mirror on the left, it clearly “welcomes” you inside.





Breakfast nook or tiny disco? How about both!? Fold up the chairs, fold down the table and this tiny breakfast nook turns into the smallest most exclusive dance club complete with a music system, fog machine, and colour-changing LED lights accompanied by a full service liquor cabinet where the bottles are coordinated in rainbow order.


No TV shows worth watching? No problem. Why would you want to watch anything on television when there is already so much eye-candy in each corner? How about you turn on the lights sitting inside the television instead and flick through the black and white or rainbow coloured lights – all coordinated using the remote control, of course.


A complete map of the house in case you get lost in so much colour.


Colourful tetris looking blocks laying on the corner for your viewing and building pleasure.

WGSN_Funhouse_LA_029 WGSN_Funhouse_LA_031

You might be surprised to find “Ye Olde Gifte Shoppe” taking up space in the bathroom medicine cabinet, but it’s what is inside that far left door where even more colour and magic lie. Step inside what you would think to be a standard linen closet and instead you will find the Nelson Mandela Memorial. Constructed by Aza Raskin and Alexa Meade the weekend after Nelson Mandela passed away, they named the space in the late icon’s honour, commemorating his lifetime achievements. From the ceiling dangle tendrils of neon spandex, making it more a fluorescent jellyfish room than anything else. Taking the illusion further still, diffraction glasses make a million little rainbows.


No glasses.


With Diffraction Glasses.

Want an even more? Head on over to the Funhouse House website or check out @funhousehouse on Instagram and @thefunhousehouse on Facebook. As we mentioned before, you won’t believe your eyes, and you’ll wish you had more colour on the walls in your apartment.

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