Key Trends: Live From Spoga+Gafa 2014
By Heloisa Righetto

This year’s Spoga+Gafa, the Cologne-based show for garden & outdoor, saw a continuation of major trends uncovered last year, with a move forward into …

Sep 02, 2014

Ter Steege at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Ter Steege at Spoga+Gafa 2014

This year’s Spoga+Gafa, the Cologne-based show for garden & outdoor, saw a continuation of major trends uncovered last year, with a move forward into fresh new colourways and examples of technology working to improve products across the board, from outdoor Bluetooth speaker lights to lightweight plastics used to produce lightweight plant pots or super-slim flooring.

Here are three key emerging trends from the fair:

Vertical Gardening

With the tendency for small-size newbuild homes and apartments continuing across much of Europe, traders are offering goods to those with limited outdoor space. Hanging baskets were evidenced at numerous stalls, in slick bowl-shape designs, as seen at Ter Steege, and fabric hanging bags suitable for pond plants, from Velda.

Velda at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Modular designs allow owners to configure the products to suit their space (and make it easy to buy more in the future, too): BM Massivholtz’s vertical garden wall provides multiple options for this, while on a smaller scale, Keter’s stackable pots work well in even tiny spaces. Karoo showcased a wall-mounted plant hanging system that takes up minimal room.

BM Massivholz at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Keter at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Karoo at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Outdoor Rockers

Outdoor furniture is moving closer in style to furniture inside the home, with outdoor sofas and armchairs part of the offering at many of the modern garden furniture stands. A move on from this, and away from the more traditional outdoor lounger, the rocking chair is emerging as a key piece of outdoor furniture. Reclaimed showcased a classic string design, while LT International reworked a woven cane style in contemporary materials.

LT International at Spoga+Gafa 2014

From the YoungStar young designers competition, Bogoje Bojovic created a prototype garden rocking chair that pairs wood with powder-coated metal.

Bogoje Bojovic at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Reclaimed at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Muted Pastels

Candy hues paved the way for a cooler, muted pastel palette across many products at the show. Icy blues, sea greens, heather and mauve are tempered with neutral greys and taupes. Elho offered a range of plant pots and products in this palette; Lafuma’s woven fabric outdoor furniture combines several soft pastel colours.

Elho at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Lechuza launched a range of small-scale pots and window boxes for both indoor and outdoor use in its new colour, Scandi Blue, and HP Schou’s string garden chairs work a soft heather tone.

HP Schou at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Elho at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Lafuma at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Lechuza at Spoga+Gafa 2014

Homebuildlife subscribers will be able to see our full coverage of Spoga+Gafa next week, and can read our report on the outdoor living room here.

– Joanna Thornhill

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