Kapital Sakura Rivets
By Samuel Trotman

Inspirational Japanese denim brand, Kapital celebrate the Sukura (Cherry Blossom) season with a very special series of events at their stores.

Apr 06, 2015


Last week we spent time in Tokyo: researching, street shooting, attending events and searching for denim inspiration. And we timed our visit perfectly, as it was perfect Saruka (Cherry Blossom) time. Inspirational Japanese denim brand, Kapital celebrate this very special time of year with a very special series of events at their stores.

The Sakura Rivet is a specially designed pink, blossom-shaped rivet that Kapital created to decorate and adorn denim from jeans to jackets and shorts. Only at this time of year to the brand make the rivets available to buy and attach to your garments and only on particular days at particular stores. We headed down to the Roppongi Hills┬áKapital store with our new 501CT’s and got creative with the beautiful rivets. Check out the video below and following images:

Punching the holes in the denim for the rivets:

A close-up photo of the rivets:

The process:

  • Hello,

    I love this post! I was in Japan last summer and I spent half day in the Kapital stores. In my opinion Kapital is one of the most unique and interesting brand in the market. Too bad it is almost impossible to find it in Europe.

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