Kapital Autumn/Winter 2015 Catalogue: Wonderful, bizarre and timeless
By Samuel Trotman

For A/W 15, the brand headed out to the Arctic Circle to shoot Route E10: Lappland. Get ready to be in awe of an incredible Kapital production, says WGSN Denim Editor Samuel Trotman

Aug 17, 2015


Anyone familiar with Japanese denim label Kapital will know how epic their seasonal catalogues are. The triannual releases are packed with the brand’s wonderfully romantic garments, handcrafted textiles and the bizarrely wonderful idiosyncratic approach to their seasonal themes. Much of the success has been down to the long-time partnership between Kapital designer Kiro Hirata and photographer, Eric Kvatek, who – for A/W 15 – celebrate their 10 year anniversary of shooting together.


Earlier this year, the Kojima-based brand showcased the Winter 15 collection with a special runway show in Hiroshima, the first for Kapital. The preview was full of timeless classics and crazy pieces, which boded well for expectations when it came to the catalogue. And of course they didn’t disappoint with their 33rd edition, Route * E10. Shot in and around Sweden and Norway within the Arctic Circle – also sometimes referred to as Lapland – it fully embraces the winter season and nods to the rugged outdoors style of previous catalogues like Colorado Hippies.



Eric told us: “Kiro Hirata presented to me somewhat of a challenge as the Fall/Winter 2015 collection is rather a hodgepodge of disparate themes and inspirations. On the one hand it could have been shot almost anywhere in the world, but on the other I felt like it needed a very strong location to tie it all together.”


Styling stays true to Kapital’s vision and identity with signature layering of textures and textiles to create a look that is eccentric, eclectic and full of weathered personality. Hirata offers up new takes on timeless pieces like classic coats, military, French workwear, and a selection of stunning patchwork knits that demonstrate the brand’s intricate artisan craftsmanship. The collection also seems to follow on where Sant Domingo Spring 15 collection left off, with a stronger lean towards Americana-inspiration rather than their traditional Japanese roots with more of the Thunderbird style jackets and other 1970s pieces like the smiley sleeve trucker.


And of course like previous editions, the crew make the most of local Scandinavian talent for the casting. “Our friend and Kapital supplier Mikko Engstrom of Pancho & Lefty was able to help me during scouting and shooting. With his connections I was able to find additional local talent including blogger Filippa Berg, tattoo artist Nille Samuelson of Salvation Tattoo and the cover star Leona Axelsen. Several of my favorite models joined us again including Ali, Pierre and Timi. Hair and Makeup services were provided by Sophy Phillips. In our crew we had members from France, Japan, Hungary, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and the States!”

Head over to Kapital’s website to view the full collection now.

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