Journal de Nîmes Nº9 – The 5 Year Anniversary issue
By Samuel Trotman

Tenue de Nîmes are proud to announce the release of their 10th Journal de Nîmes this month with The 5 Year Anniversary issue.

Dec 11, 2013


The good folks over at Tenue de Nîmes are proud to announce the release of their 10th Journal de Nîmes this month with The 5 Year Anniversary issue.

Many of our readers will be familiar with Tenue de Nîmes publication series, Journal de Nîmes. The paper was first released back in 2008 as an outlet for the guys at the Amsterdam denim boutique to educate friends and followers in the denim world on the many beautiful places, products, people and many other great things the team come across during their trips around the world. This month see’s the store celebrate its 5th anniversary issue with a retrospective look over the past half decade as well as a great selection of inspiring news from the past few months. 

Three of the many denim highlights of this issue include an interview with Christophe Loiron, founder of the LA-based ‘Mister Freedom‘, an extensive piece on the life of indigo master Bryan Whitehead at his silk farm in Fujino, Japan as well as an introduction to two exciting new projects: The birth of the first Tenue de Nîmes jean and the release of the Limited Edition Natural Indigo Red Wing Shoe. Other must-reads include an beautiful women’s editorial shot out in LA, an inside look at the stores private archive photo collection and the past few pages highlight the success and memories Menno, Rene & Joachim’s have achieved over the past 5 years. Whats more, the 10th publication is the very first in full colour, and the result is amazing.

The paper version is available in store now and for fans abroad they’ve released it online too – check it here or take a read below.

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