It Girls – Paris and Ondine

New York it girls Paris and Ondine in the newly reopened Washington Square Park. Ondine is wearing American Apparel’s disco short…Paris’s romper is by Erin Wasson x RVCA from a selection at Barneys New York. They were on their way to a picnic in the park…don’t you wish we could have warm weather all the time?? xo eddie

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  • Oh my god !
    Love the girls hair !
    And their outfits too 🙂


  • Paris’s hair is gorgeous. I mean, that’s a mane!

  • loueythefly

    they look like 12yr olds, albeit fashionable ones…!

  • cristina

    they’re like 10 years old?? IT girls??!! wtf?

  • They’re cutie patooties! Love Paris’ romper

  • Nope – they’re 14 and 15. What age do you think it girls start at? 25? The prime years to be an it girl and run around this city having fun would be 15-22 I would say. After that, you become an it woman and likely start working for a charity or arts organization or fashion magazine.


    These outfits are so cute and look like something that I could find at Chickdowntown!

  • Warm weather all the time would be lovely. I really like the AA disco shorts. I have a pair of the disco pants.

  • beautiful girls!

  • OH TO BE YOUNG. too cute

  • Love the first girl’s high waist shorts!

  • fashionista

    Their outfits aren’t unique

  • cristina

    of course they’re not bloody proportionate, they’re 14 year old GIRLS! not fully developed women. thats a wee bit harsh I think. They are beautiful girls… no doubt about that.

  • Caro
  • Mimi

    these two babies are def not it girls….but nice try

  • OMFG, loving the outfits && the picnic-ing idea.

  • margaret

    how cute! they are very young-looking but so what? there outfits are great and that’s what this site is about, not a beauty contest, people!
    Paris’s hair is so grand, i just cannot get over it! i love love love Ondeiens outfit, modern AA high waist shorts and tucked in shirt with her terrific vintage shoulder pad sweater, her outfit is extraordinary (Paris you also, i love the romper)
    Xoxo, M

  • remi

    that girl looks anorexic. it’s sad how girls these days think they have to be sooo skinny. girls, you’re beautiful, but put on some pounds!

  • designer

    Remi, i have been skinny my whole life and have had to deal with ppl like you thinking that all thin ppl must be anorexic. I eat like a horse and im still thin. i think if they can get away with wearing short shorts let them, their outfits look great!!

  • maddy

    paris i love you! way to tell me about this.

  • The girls are gorgeous but the shots are amazing!

  • Aimee

    Cute outfits, but those shorts are kinda short for the city… They literally end at her vag. Still cute, just kinda asking for it. Paris’s outfit is fabulous though!

  • thylo

    I know both of these girls very well – Ondine isn’t wearing shoulder pads, her bone structure is just built for a different weight. Both of them do love their fashion though!

  • wowwww youth, ease and style, I love the super super short shorts and these wonderful sunglasses … her hair, everything, congrats for the pics

  • korcur

    IT girls? I have seen probably a hundred kids their
    age wearing basically the same outfit. Come on!
    They are far from original

  • Chantell

    Somehow, I love them~

  • Ohh, gorgeous girls

  • have a good time

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