Introducing the WGSN Future Makers: Náthaly Benavides

The Future Makers Mentorship Programme

Launching back in July,  the WGSN Future Makers programme partners 26 individuals with mentors from WGSN, from design to sales, HR to content, we’ve drawn on our global pool of knowledge to match everyone with the mentor that can help them the most. We invite you to join us in getting to know the talented first cohort over the next few weeks.

Introducing the WGSN Future Makers: Náthaly Benavides

This week, we speak to Náthaly, who works freelance as a fashion illustrator and designer, alongside social media management. We caught up with Náthaly to find out what drives and inspires her and talk about the work she is most proud of.

What Drives you?

What drives me is to improve my career, I like to learn all the time and it motivates me even more to know that how much or little I know, I can pass it on, for me that is the most important thing, I think that knowledge is more valuable when you transmit it to others.

I think we all have that little bug of wanting to change the world and although I don’t think it’s entirely possible, I want to be a part of the change,  I know that I can do wonderful things with the necessary tools.

How about inspiration, where do you find inspiration when creating?

My inspiration when creating a project is the idea that it transmits something, both when I paint/draw or when I design, the difference is that for a second I need to think that I am going to answer a need. Inspiration for me is a mixture of work and passion and you can find it in everything and all you have to do is observe … I believe a lot in the phrase: “Inspiration must find you working”.

What’s the piece of work you’re most proud of and why?

I really like this illustration I did in 2017,  it was very significant for me. I posted it on social media and was later invited to work with Tiffany & Co., it made me realise that if you do things with love and you strive, great things can happen.

Fashion illustration helps me get into the role of the designer, I got so deeply into this specific work that I even got to think about how the fabrics felt, how they draped, how each piece was assembled. Nowadays, illustration is a tool that I use every day, especially when I want to better understand how a designer works.

Finally, what is your dream job?

My dream job is to be the creative director of my own fashion brand.

I believe that the role of a creative director is of crucial importance today, since they are in charge not only of the collection creation, but also of the management of the image and concept of a complete brand, the entire communication strategy from the creation of the product until it hits the market.

Náthaly is mentored by Rosalina Villanueva,  Account Manager consultant for LATAM, based in New York. Rosalina is an expert in Latin America retail and culture and has helped many clients in the region over the past 15 years to understand global trends and translate them to the regional market to be impactful on both a commercial and a design perspective.

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