Introducing the WGSN Future Makers: Koura-Rosy Kane

The Future Makers Mentorship Programme

Launching back in July, the WGSN Future Makers programme partners 26 individuals with mentors from WGSN, from design to sales, HR to content, we’ve drawn on our global pool of knowledge to match everyone with the mentor that can help them the most. We’ve been introducing our mentees over the past few weeks. Meet them on the Insider blog. 

Introducing the WGSN Future Makers: Koura-Rosy Kane

This week, we introduce you to Koura-Rosy Kane, who is a freelancer writer for independent magazines. She mainly shops vintage and second hand designer clothes, due to her passion for sustainability. Koura-Rousy avoids fast fashion, as a way to protest against the environment and social damages it does.

How do you think that fashion can make a difference?

Fashion opened my eyes to several issues that go beyond clothes. It’s showed me that each piece we have comes loaded with a story. Just as this has transformed me – I would like my work to transform other people’s lives as well.

Where is it that you draw your inspiration from?

As a freelancer, I have been lucky to travel to many places. All of these places have influenced my work and my vision. Discovering new cultures and people allowed me to open my perception. 

Recently, my own heritage has been a real inspiration. As a child of immigrants, living in France, I used to reject my parents’ cultures because to help fit in in my environment. I was alienated for a long time. But recently, I started to investigate my own heritage. I was born with 3 different cultures: France,  Senegalese from my dad and, Caribbean from my mom. Although this position is very complex – at times you can feel as if you don’t belong to any of them. I’ve realised that it is actually a real advantage and true source of inspiration. It allows me to pick influences from 3 different cultures while creating. I feel that it made me even more curious. 

Is there a project of this kind you’re particularly proud of? 

My final project at college changed my vision about the market and what it was like to create a project from scratch. Here I started considering customers in my work. Knowing that there is someone who received something, not necessarily a shoe, but who made that person smile and feel special, certainly makes a difference in my life.

Koura-Rosy is mentored by Quentin Humphrey, known to many simply as Q. Q’s work explores rising cultural shifts through a youth lens, decoding the new attitudes and interests of emerging Gen Z and Millennial communities to extrapolate strategies for engagement and community building.

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