Introducing the WGSN Future Makers: Eledir Orocondo

The Future Makers Mentorship Programme

On July 9, we shared what would be the start of the first ever WGSN mentorship programme, the Future Makers. Our aim is to support individuals from underserved and underrepresented communities at different stages in their careers to develop themselves professionally. We now have 26 WGSN Future Makers, who we’ve been introducing to you in the past weeks. 

Introducing the WGSN Future Makers: Eledir Orocondo

This week, we’re very excited to introduce you to our Future Maker, Eledir Orocondo, an eco-friendly fashion blogger/Retro Branding advocate/fashion fanatic who is looking forward to learning about trends and applying them into Bolivian fashion.

For starters, why don’t you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’m about to finish my Marketing degree and currently dedicated to rebranding my father’s business, a men’s pants manufacturer targeting the local market, alongside working for small production workshops.  I’m into defining colour schemes, typography and brand identity. 

I’m also enjoying my new life as an eco-friendly fashion blogger. Conscious of the damage fast fashion causes to the environment, I’m excited to see brands that have opted for retro branding as an alternative, which consists of taking pieces out of the dead stock and relaunching them. It is my wish to influence the mass by repurposing old garments and giving them a second life.

What drives you to work in design and fashion?

My world has always been about fashion. I’ve dreamt of devoting myself to the fashion and trends industry since I was a little girl. I grew up alongside fabrics, yarns and buttons, thanks to the small workshop owned by my parents. I created my doll’s clothes. I would cut out pictures of designs I liked in newspapers and create my own fashion magazine.

My dream job is to work in fashion, whether it’s by having my own brand, working as a stylist, or advising local Bolivian and Latin American brands.

How would you describe your style?

An E-girl in dope style. I like mix and match – sportswear’s gender neutrality goes with a blazer to give it a formal look, I can play around with texture and color palette.  

My style is pretty much inspired by Balmain and the stylist Samanta Burkhart who dress stars such as Rosalía and Katy Perry. I also admire my mom. She might not be a recognised designer, but she is a woman with a distinctive personal style, who has driven me to see beyond the garment. She has taught me to appreciate every single piece of garment as it is a work of many people’s effort.

What is your expectation on the Future Makers programme?

I’m looking forward to learning about trends and applying them into Bolivian fashion.  Many Bolivian textile companies are vanishing and all that’s left is SMEs and entrepreneurship.

Eledir is mentored by Maria Pascua, who has been working with Spanish speaking Latin America for the past 7 years, focusing on trend analysis and adaptation in the different countries throughout the region. Maria has been a teacher in different universities and schools in Colombia, focusing on fashion sustainability, fashion trends and local and latin fashion industry.

Keep your eyes peeled as we reveal more WGSN Future Makers over the coming weeks, here on WGSN Insider. Can’t wait? Get to know other Future Makers.

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