Introducing the WGSN Future Makers: Dudu Ratsuma

The Future Makers Mentorship Programme

After receiving over 1000 applicants, we are so pleased to introduce the 26 new members of the WGSN Future Makers. This is the first WGSN mentorship programme and was created to pair our WGSN experts with individuals around the globe who are working in, or aspire to be in the creative and design industries.

Introducing the WGSN Future Makers: Dudu Ratsuma

Today we meet Duduzile, who dreams of working as a trend forecaster, alongside founding an NGO that brings creatives together to work with local and global communities. Currently living in Johannesburg after graduating her studies in Fashion Design, we caught up on the best podcasts for each mood, creative inspirations and goals for the future.

Tell us a bit about you, how would you describe your design style?

It’s very colourful and quirky! I have a playful personality by nature. I love laughing and believe colour radiates positive energies. This is definitely reflected in my designs. 

Do you admire any other designers and how they work with colour?

South African designer Laduma Ngxokolo, founder of Maxhosa. He created a print that is impeccable and brilliant to his brand identity. I love the way he plays with colours, he’s not limited to clothing design, but taps into other mediums like tech, interiors and even the automobile industry.

Are you interested in experimenting beyond fashion in this way?

At the moment my brand is called URBANKNACK – which means Modern art – and is currently operating as a clothing brand. But I’m hoping in the future to change that into a creative business providing space for collaborative work. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve also been producing fashion face masks. An alternative to the normal surgical protective mask, I’ve made them in different prints, natural fabrics, sequins and even denim, still as effective but pretty in appearance.

What was it that made you choose to study fashion?

I chose fashion because I didn’t have any other interests at the time that burned as deep, quite frankly I still don’t. It was always my purpose to fulfill, and I’m still finding ways to further that. I believe fashion and design is innovation. It has such a powerful impact on society and how it’s perceived, but it is us that set the tone and direction of the work we put out. It’s always fascinating to see a following or movement born because of something that started as an idea in someone’s head.

Is there anything in particular you listen to while you work?

I have two favorite South African podcasts I listen to because of my newfound interest in jazz music. Alongside the music, they share informing and inclusive information on social economic issues we face in Africa, and in the rest of the world. They are also big on connecting the audience with people in the music industry, so check out Goodvibes radio and The_Dig.

Duduzile is mentored by Andrea Bell, our  Director of Insight at WGSN Insight, based in Los Angeles, United States. Andrea is part trend forecaster, part futurist, with in-depth knowledge of the consumer marketplace and behavioral shifts that impact society.

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