Introducing : Guest Blogger Ariel Adams From aBlogtoRead.com

Over the next week the Accessorize blog will have a distinctly watch-driven focus, and will be taken over by our guest blogger Ariel Adams, who will be posting daily on the most relevant trends he feels is affecting and driving the watch market.

Ariel is a watch expert, and is regularly consulted for his opinion on the latest watch news, design and trends within the industry by designers, press and horology innovators. An obsession with timepieces naturally turned tech-savvy Ariel Adams to blogging about watches several years ago. Considered extremely influential and widely read, aBlogtoRead.com’s reviews and editorials have become the epicenter of horological appreciation and the lifestyle of those who love all this watches.

His timepiece focussed blog aBlogtoRead.com is a must-read for watch aficionados and industry insiders alike, so ahead of his blog take-over we caught up with Ariel to ask him a few questions:

– How did your blog aBlogtoRead.com come about ?

In 2007 I started aBlogtoRead.com while working as an attorney. It started mainly as an outlet to discuss something I was passionate about. It wasn’t easy finding other watch fanatics in my peer group, so I branched out. I wrote about watches daily, and in mid 2009 I quite my other job to run aBlogtoRead.com full time and dedicate all my attention to wrist watches. 

– How long have you been blogging for?

As of today I have been blogging non-stop for about 4 years. In that time, across various websites, I have written over 3,000 articles on watches. 

– Do you have a favourite watch or watch brand at the moment?

Choosing favorites is hard among so many good options. It is also not my style to limit myself. I can say that I am mostly a fan of sport watches, mainly dive style models. For me a daily wear watch should be a tool masquerading as an art item. In the end it should be primarily focused on function and durability, as well as comfortable legibility. Brands and models that successfully take those elements into consideration are my favorites.

– As the watch industry is a relatively niche arena are there any specific factors that you think contribute to trends within watch design ?

Being really into watches is certainly niche, but the watch industry isn’t as niche as you’d think. Many of these brands are hundreds of years old, and really made it in a time when you needed a mechanical watch it you wanted to tell the time at all. Today’s world sees the watch industry transcend “need” into “want.” Only in modern times are so many watches “luxury items.” For most of the industry’s existence, it has zero interest or connection to the fashion industry per se. Things that contribute to watch design are heritage, technology, and status. Heritage is about looking back at the long history of watches and revisiting fun designs or mechanism. Technology is use of modern design and materials to make timepieces. Status is about using watches to show off wealth, success, or a sense of exclusivity.

– What is one of the most prominent trends for watches that you have noticed lately ?

The post economic burst saw an abrupt halt to many ostentatious designs, very large sizes, and lots of design experimentation. While those thing still exists, many brands these days are looking at the practices from half a century ago to relearn what they feel the public will want. The retro design trend is more than alive and kicking. Colors are also a bit thing these days, as all manners of colors find themselves on watches for both men and women. Last, exotic materials are in. Watches aren’t just about metal anymore. Materials from the computer era are finding themselves into non-electronic mechanical movements, while you can also buy a $50,000 watch with plastic in it.

Tune in next week for Ariel’s thoughts on trends, innovations and the world of watches.

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