Introducing: Darn and Dusted
By Samuel Trotman

As with anything good, denim doesn’t last forever, but local East London artisan Luke Deverell is bringing back repair the traditional way.

Mar 04, 2014


As with anything good, denim doesn’t last forever, but local East London artisan Luke Deverell is on hand to breathe new life into your favourite garments. 

As most denim connoisseurs will vouch, the greatest part about breaking in your raw denim is the way jeans develop an individual imprint like a blank canvas. As with all the beautiful fades, whiskers and honeycombs you create, the rips, tears and unsightly crotch blowout are also an inevitable occurrence for the rugged fabric – no matter the quality or brand.

While many people tackle the problem with clean machine repairs for concealed blemishes, many purists prefer to embrace the damage as another notable notch on their denim items. One man who is pushing this traditionalist approach is Luke Deverell of Darn and Dusted – a bespoke mending company based in East London.

A one-man-band Luke offers a completely bespoke service, mending everything from huge tears on your favorite jeans, moth holes on shirts, to more delicate repairs on some of your most cherished vintage pieces you want preserved the authentic way. Luke is also one of the hard working staff at the Edwin Shoreditch store and offers his service for the brand, repairing customers busted Edwin garments.

Fascinated with vintage workwear and the naive yet lovingly approach wearers would patch and repair their uniforms, Luke applies the same authentic approach to his work, using simply his own two hands and needle and thread to ensure his much-loved garments live to see another day. His vast vintage collection has helped him develop a deep understanding of fabrics and hone his skills in mending the traditional way. Following the haphazard style of these relics, Luke embraces the crude darn effects using graphic stab stitches and a simple 1×1 running stitches to restore any impairments.

Aside from the bespoke repair service, Luke has been busy curating a collection of vintage workwear garments that he will sell through his dedicated website (still under construction so watch this space). Here Luke has experimented with the more eclectic patchworks that nod to the traditional repairs of Japanese artisan Narita Tabby. Luke is also offering custom scarves and bandanas created from natural indigo dyed fabrics with traditional Indian batik patterns as well as imported Japanese sashiko pocket squares. Also are a must-see are his boro-inspired tote bags that he produces in collaboration with Shackleton Bags.

To see more of Luke’s work follow Darn and Dusted on Instagram.

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