Interiors: “Meet Our Designers” at The Longest Stay
By Gemma Riberti

Stylesight attended the “Meet Our Designers” evening hosted by newly launched online interiors boutique The Longest Stay on the occasion of their latest collaboration …

Mar 13, 2014


Stylesight attended the “Meet Our Designers” evening hosted by newly launched online interiors boutique The Longest Stay on the occasion of their latest collaboration with established furniture brand Moroso and up-and-coming designer Craig Narramore.

Owner and founder of The Longest Stay, Sherry Roberts, talked us through the pieces and the history of the website, pleasantly recounting her eclectic background and the evolution of her ever-growing passion for interiors. The years she spent in Italy before London exposed her to some of most established and referential design manufacturers, and while working on a hospitality-related project she became aware of a gap between the affluent customer with no time but with taste for high-end design, and the overflow of products in interiors magazines and showrooms. Her new online boutique perfectly fills this niche, bringing a rich, curated collection of prestigious furniture, decor items and luxury gifts to the easy distance of a mouse click.

As she stated, it required a lot of perseverance to persuade the Italian manufacturers to be represented online, as they still do not fully trust the internet and really care about the history, the craftsmanship and the feel that makes every product unique. She gained their trust though, as she did with renowned furniture brand Moroso – they know her deep knowledge and respect for each piece allows her to answer any customer question as if it was her own, as she picked the most iconic and classic pieces for the website.

In addition to the well-established brands such as Moroso, Boca Do Lobo or Malabar, The Longest Stay also curates a selection of up-and-coming designers scouted at exhibitions and trade shows, such as Craig Narramore – who was present at the event with a few of his one-of-a-kind pieces. Trained as a props and special effects designer for the film industry, he also cultivates his passion for crafting unique furniture pieces out of beautifully imperfect timbers that he then combines with liquid metal and resin coatings, resulting in quite poetic and eye-catching furniture and decor items.

Last but not least, Sherry Roberts shared with us the news of an upcoming collection she designed and produced herself, which will be presented later this spring and will focus on high-end quality materials and textiles for elegantly shaped furniture, yet at reasonable prices.  We look forward to seeing more of it, in the meantime for more information please visit the website. – Gemma Riberti

Antonio Citterio for Moroso

Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

Craig Narramore

Craig Narramore

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