Instagram is having a milkshake moment
By Sarah Housley

These shakes are bringing EVERYONE to the yard. WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors editor Sarah Housley reports on Insta’s best (and most ridiculous) food trend

Apr 08, 2016

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They’re the ultimate comfort food, a kid-friendly treat that adults can’t resist either. Harking back to classic American diner food and birthday treats, milkshakes have always tapped into our inner glutton – and now, Instagram is majorly feeling the love too.

Available exclusively to Coachella festival-goers, US brand Sonic‘s new #SquareShakes are served in transparent square cups and come in flavours including dark chocolate, buttered toffee and wild berry and lavender. Made to promote the brand’s new range of premium Creamery shakes, the Square Shakes are the brainchild of parody chef Jacques La Merde and can be ordered directly through Instagram.


Sonic’s designed-for-Instagram milkshakes come hot on the heels of the freakshake trend. This decadent milk shake style was pioneered by Canberra-based cafe Pâtissez and quickly shot to fame: a decadent, irresistible mess of ice cream piled high with toppings including whipped cream, Nutella, pretzels, whole donuts, upside down ice-cream cones, waffles, brownies or apple pie, served in mason jar mugs. As a reaction to clean eating and #gettheglow smugness, it couldn’t have been better timed.

Molly Bakes

Freaky milkshake fans can get their fix around the world, including New York’s Black Tap, London’s Molly Bakes and South Africa’s Flavour Cafe, although the real deal can still only be found in Canberra, Australia, with Pâtissez trade-marking the word “freakshake”.

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