Inspiration | MANE Fragrance Avatar Exhibit

Endeavoring to put artistry back into the art of perfumery, boutique perfume house Mane is showcasing Fragrance Avatar, a multi-sensorial exhibition of thirteen animated olfactive art inspired by visual images. All restraints – concepts, consumer demographics, branding, price points – were removed to allow perfumers to take center stage, displaying their creative talents and artistry at their best. The creations are set against a backdrop of soothing music, and supported with taste and tactile renditions to provide multi-sensorial experiences of each perfumer’s story.

Kilu, Fire Light Sculpture

The exhibition begins with The Fire Light Sculpture by Kilu. In this work, Kilu explores and transforms the concept of fire as we know it, using laser, fog and lucite. This sets the tone as visitors are asked to remember that what they see is not necessarily what is.

Excerpts from the featured olfactive art:
Atomic Floral
Perfumer: Vincent Kuczinski
I was drawn to create a scent inspired by this… notion of new beginnings. Being able to uncover a new aesthetic rising from the ashes of our damaged world and discovering a renewed beauty in the middle of chaos. The visual expresses both toxic danger and the splendor of newness. The destructive character of ashes, smoke and toxic explosions that result from the aftermath of natural disasters are re-examined to find within all of these the beauty that will lead us to dust ourselves off to a new start… a rebirth… In the process of designing this fragrance, I thought about the juxtaposition of bringing to light the beauty of new beginnings represented by the translucent stem as a result of something so dangerous and threatening depicted by the ruffled, voluminous darkness of its petals.

Key Olfactive Notes: volanic, airy, vibrating

Charred Tuberose
Perfumer: Ralf Schwieger
This is what is left after the explosion of the flower: the darkness of the majestic tuberose brought to light through contrasting facets of leather and asphalt. Exuberance and depth illustrated by the volume of its layers challenge our perceptions of beauty through the use of transparency and shade.

Key Olfactive Notes: galbanum, tuberose, leather

Dirty Life
Perfumer: Ralf Schwieger
The seed of life and fleshy bulbs – the life cycle of a plant becomes a whole. This is the journey of natural shapes perpetually evolving, gradual movement from a simpler to a more complex stage. There is an energetic and vegetal appeal somewhat metallic that shimmers through the bulb with a luminous brightness, infusing the life up the stem to its bloom. Tangled roots are deeply anchored in the earth embracing its source of new life.

Key Olfactive Notes: galbanum, hyacinth, patchouli

Perfumer: Ellen Molner
An attraction of opposites together. A juxtaposition between light and earth, raw and surreal, of something fragile and brittle. An imaginative world of creations enveloping the aesthetics and the mystery. I am taken by the striking contrast of the light and airy exposed blossom intensified with the surprising undergrowth, roots enveloped in earth’s dark core.

Key Olfactive Notes: Neo JE poivron, purple iris, bourgeons cassis

Bio Luminescent Flower
Perfumer: Jim Krivda
I was inspired by the alien beauty and texture of jelly fish with its supple, luminous structure, umbrella-like body and long flowing tentacles… The glowing colors in the center of the image reflect the elaborate, light show these breathtaking structures create. Dangerous for smaller organisms who swim close, attracted by the fluorescent light, before they know it, they are entangled in the jellyfish’s tentacles.

My fragrance creation evokes the perfect balance between the gleaming transparent structure of this exceptional creature and its gentle glide through the deep dark ocean with a touch of danger.

Key Olfactive Notes: electric, water, blue

Burning Cold
Perfumer: Vincent Kuczinski
This ardent visual of vibrant petals glowing, inspire a contradictory palette of hot and cold, shiny and matte, fluid yet frozen. I am mesmerized and moved with unexpected associations of burning cold and inflamed creations of a fiery and pulsating life. A uniquely new and experimental nature. An explosion of opulence and exotic beauty.

Key Olfactive Notes: icy, hot, inviting

Perfumer: Cecile Hua
A delicate and feathery flower who feeds on fresh flesh which she heals within her core on fire. The seduction of sweet berry jam and the tough smell of burnt meat, the icy cold feel of death, and the heat of a funeral pyre. The ultimate contrast.

Key Olfactive Notes: wild berries, bacon flavor, dry ice

Dragon Jewel
Perfumer: Jim Krivda
This visual takes me to the inspiration of a dragon fly. The stem is reminiscent to an insect-like body of three parts; a head, thorax and abdomen. At the stem’s end, I envision bejeweled compound eyes straining wide to see its surroundings. Unfolding, delicate and translucent wings with glinting aspects of organic shimmer, splendidly open in movement of graceful freedom. This inspires an aura of peace, an expression of singular beauty.

Key Olfactive Notes: translucent, shimmering, ethereal

Pretty Venomous
Perfumer: Cecile Hua
A dark flower looking like a threat in a still atmosphere, ready to strike with her lethal nectar. Her petals are delicate and silky, she embodies the images of poised beauty yet inside pulsates a liquor of sweet poison reflecting her heart of steel.

Key Olfactive Notes: steamed milk, salty water, gun powder

Black Organza
Perfumer: Ellen Molner
A fragrance that recalls the looks and lifestyle of the 1950s; a time when women such as Audrey Hepburn had a dressier approach; an alternate standard of beauty and where leading ladies evoked chic simplicity on camera and off. Fabrics such as lace, silk and organza added an element of femininity.

The inspirational pieces… motivated me to create Black Organza. It conveys the era of iconic beauties, but in a modern, edgier way. The visual inspired me to fashion an exquisite scent by incorporating contrasting olfactive elements of dark and translucent. I love how the darkness drapes over the transparent veil-like petals and light shining through. It suggests an air of mysteriousness, a twisted experience that feels so right.

Taking an edger approach enabled me to use olfactive notes that are relevant and represent the youthful and irreverent attitude of today’s generation.

Key Olfactive Notes: Egyptian violet leaves abs, French mimosa abs, Australian sandalwood

And to come full circle, the last fragrance creation was inspired by the Kilu sculpture.
Cosmic Inferno
Perfumer: Ellen Molner
I was inspired to craft Cosmic Inferno drawing from the magnificent shape and form of the sculpture Green Flame. The soothing nature of the green flame evokes calm trhoguht he sense of sight, while cosmic inferno will draw calm through the sense of smell.

I was also motivated by the contrast between danger and safety. A real flame is dangerous and hazardous and the color red is an immediate signal to stop, while the green flame evokes a soothing, secure and safe environment to be around. Being able to create something complete different, soothing adn positive from such a menacing concept such as fire is of great motivation.

When I look at this amazing sculpture, I also imagine its shape to mirror dark clouds that almost look like they have being sliced with the laser. The power of technology allows us to have the ability to create, build and craft anything we imagine. This idea also led me through the inspiring process of creating cosmic inferno.

Key Olfactive Notes: Indian red ginger, patchouli absolute, exotic myth


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