INSPIRATION | Gingerbread Houses

As the Holiday season continues, we find ourselves drawn to gingerbread houses and other festive decorations.

Dec 17, 2012

Stylesight Gingerbread Houses

Stylesight Gingerbread Houses

As the Holiday season continues, everyone here at Stylesight has gingerbread on the brain. Gingerbread houses let kids show off their creativity while giving everyone a yummy taste of the Holiday retail trends. Drawing back to their fairytale roots, these gingerbread houses make fantasy real with elaborate houses, carousels and even a reference to the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.

Stylesight Gingerbread Houses

The images shown were found here:

  1. Kris Mason
  2. Rael Ojasoo
  3. Sugarcraft
  4. Call Me Cupcake
  5. Amazing Photography
  6. Mackenzie Reedy
  7. Luluto
  8. Neatorama
  9. Ellie Sibbald

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