Innovation: Disseny Hub Barcelona


3D printing is considered by its advocates as the technology to create a manufacturing revolution. It is perfect timing then, that a permanent exhibition titled FullPrint3D. Printing Objects has opened at Disseny Hub Barcelona (DHUB). DHUB sits somewhere between a museum and a laboratory exploring topics of discussion in the design world.

Full Print3D. Printing Objects sets out to illustrate  the concepts and manufacturing possibilities that this rapid manufacturing (or 3D printing) affords. The exhibit offers a glimpse into the impact that 3D printing will have in open source design, new manufacturing and its versatility for future applications.

The exhibition explores six thematic areas:

Freeform: explores how such a technology has no boundaries in terms of scale, geometrics and shape or how products can be formed from digital recording of sound or movement

Variation: due to the potential of 3D printing no two objects need to be alike as each can be printed and changed, as there are no production runs. This area showcases the non identical variations of objects based on uses, requirements and desires

Customization: takes the variation theme further and celebrates the ability of the technology to allow individual design and production.

Complexity: Celebrates the capabilities of the process – one where layered deposits are printed only where needed. As such designers are able to create forms previously only dreamed of. This also allows complex joints and functionality to be ‘printed’ into the object as well as self-replicating parts and machines.

Materiality: Currently restricted to plastics, glass and metal, this technology can print with powder or liquid form opening up the options for research into new materials and material combinations.

Applications and Research: Illustrates the breadth of research within the field of 3D printing. This area also explores the effect such technologies will have on how we prepare and consume food, design and build buildings and repair the materiality of our bodies.

For an insightful overview of innovators and key trends in this field, look out for our up coming Futurist report in early November.

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