Indie Beauty Expo London: Why you should go and the top brands to watch

Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) is coming to London this week, the first to launch in Europe, and it’s set to become the place to discover emerging brands and the latest products on the indie beauty scene.

The two day event is split into Shop Indie and Trade Indie (October 24th/25th), and is open to both beauty fans and industry professionals to discover new brands, shop products and meet founders.

The London show will feature over 60 exhibitors across multiple categories from bath and body, colour cosmetics, fragrance to skincare and men’s grooming. In an exclusive interview with co-founder Jillian Wright, she reveals to WGSN the key brands to watch at the IBE show, and the biggest trends bubbling up in the Indie beauty market.


Awake Organics

Awake Organics offers organic skincare, bodycare and perfume made from hemp oil, frankincense and carrot seed, including a line of vegan-friendly serum and cleanser. The products are all stripped off chemicals such as parabens, and are cruelty-free and are packaged in environmentally-friendly packaging.

“Awake Organics is a beautiful brand started by a woman who works with a farm somewhere in the UK that grows hemp. She has this amazing video, it’s like a mini documentary, on her website that fully explains the benefits of hemp and how to harvest it and how long it takes to grow, and what they do with the root ball and the soil. I automatically connected with this because she is kind to and supports the farmers and there’s a real ingredient story behind the brand,” explains Wright.


Elvis + Elvin 

 Elvis + Elvin products are formulated with naturally-derived active ingredients such as jojoba oil, Moroccan prickly pear oil, argan oil and marula oil from Africa and pairs it with cutting-edge technology. Rose is a hero ingredient in the products and is combined with Eastern cultures and traditions – a homage to the founder’s hertige. The line includes a range of skincare, bodycare and haircare products.

Elvis and Elvin was started by an aesthetician in New York City. She weaves in eastern medicine and herbal acupuncture philosophies into her brand alongside dominant ingredient of rose. Elvis and Elvin are her two sons,” says Wright.


Verdant Alchemy

Non-toxic and vegan-friendly, Verdant Alchemy harasses the power of minerals to “boost wellbeing and improve skin health”. The brand offers a range Bath Salts with therapeutic blends of essential oils that soothes the body and calms the mind.

“Verdent Alchemy is a brand that fully focuses on body scrubs. The packaging is really beautiful and the formulas smell beautiful. So if someone is into selfcare Sundays, the products will resonate with people who love to selfcare and take baths,” explains Wright.


Hynt Beauty  

Hynt Beauty offers a range of toxin-free make-up products formulated with skin perfecting ingredients rich in antioxidants and oils to hydrate the skin. All products are vegan-friendly except the mascara which contains beeswax.

“An American colour cosmetic brand that’s EU registered. The founder, Meryl, who had cancer,  so she’s a survivor and clean beauty or transparent beauty is really important to her,” says Wright.



Ethical brand Axiology is a vegan make-up brand offering a line of lipsticks containing organic ingredients. Available in a range of shades, pigments are rich and creamy delivering comfortable and long lasting wear.

Axiology is a colour cosmetics brand from Portland, Oregon. She’s launching the rebrand in the UK. She could’ve easily chosen LA. but she decided to come to London, so I think that’s really exciting,” says Wright.


Love Sun Body


Love Sun Body provides 100% natural sunscreens featuring non-nano mineral UV filters and plant-derived moisturisers, certificated by Ecocert Cosmos Natural. The products are coral-reef friendly and are housed in recyclable packaging.

“Solely SPF products and are reef safe. Jeannie Jarnot, who started Beauty Heroes, did a blog post about blue beauty and she did it with a woman named Kapua Browning, from Honua Skincare. Kapua launched Malu and it’s a reef safe SPF. They both did a beach clean-up in Hawaii and collected over 700 pounds of plastic from this one beach in Oahu. I just love a brand that is conscious about the environment and conscious about the chemicals we’re putting on our bodies,” explains Wright.



Cosmydor presents a range of good for the skin and good for the planet products. Using no plastic, each product is housed in eco-friendly packaging such as glass and cardboard packaging. It provide full transparency on formulations, including highlighting percentages of natural ingredients. Products in line include face creams, multi-purpose balms and a range of soaps.

“A heritage brand from Paris who have almost reinvented themselves as a zero-waste brand. So I think that’s a really nice dichotomy from a heritage brand who are focusing on not only personal care but also the environment,” says Wright.


The top emerging indie beauty trends you need to know…

Hot ingredients: CBD, turmeric and magnesium: “CBD is being more accepted. I think we have like 14 brands, compared to two last year,” explains Wright.

Doctor-founded brands with proprietary and patented formulas: ‘We are seeing a lot of science within the indie community.”

Tween/Aspiration market: “Indie brands that are less than $30 a skew, so beauty is more accessible for more people.”

Diet-based beauty: Be that halal, gluten, paleo, vegan or vegetarian

Blue beauty/Reef safe: “Brands are being very conscious about their packaging and they are also teaming up with ocean conservation groups. There’s definitely a focus on the environment from the start and where you get the raw ingredients from, to the finish, such as where it goes once you’re done with the waste.”


IBE launched in 2015 in New York and has grown quickly with shows taking place in Los Angeles and Dallas. Berlin is the next city, with IBE opening in Germany in March 2019, followed by a Asia launch in 2020. “We are literally doing a world tour for independent beauty,” says Wright.

 Indie Beauty Expo opens to the public on October 24, and to industry professionals on October 25.

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