In The Media: Occupy Wall Street, and beyond

What initially began as a group of picketers in the financial district of New York City – a leaderless mini-movement opposing against corporate greed, and questing for a more democratic government less influenced by the financial sector – Occupy Wall Street has more recently spread across the Atlantic to London, with over three-hundred protestors now in camp at the bottom of St Paul’s cathedral, and there is a definite feeling of worldwide, social change in the air.

Occupy Wall Street is believed to have come about through the encouragement of Adbusters, a Canadian anti-consumer group, and inspired by the Egyptian Tahrir Square uprising earlier this year and the Spanish acampadas in Madrid over the summer.  Over in London, St Paul’s Cathedral has been forced to close for the first time since World War II, with peaceful protests around the site becoming as much of a tourist attraction as the cathedral itself.

Although these ‘Occupy’ events have been relatively peaceful, the feeling of democracy, positivity and people power in recent years has become particularly evident, as young people around the world try to make a stand and voice their opinion on government decisions that have the potential to cripple our future society.

Phil McKeenan, press coordinator at one of the camps outside St Paul’s commented in iD magazine this month…

“What we see here and all over the world with other movements which are coinciding, is an indication of that idea of seeing ourselves changing, that we need to be unified, that we need to be equal. We need to be able to share in the resources, share in riches, share in everything so we don’t have a third of the world starving when here in London we’ve got millionaires and billionaires. We can see human beings realizing that unity is the way to move forward.”

‘The times they are a-changing’. – Samantha Fox

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