#ICYMI Day 6: Glossier Mask Duo (from the coolest beauty brand on the block)

It’s day six and we are back with your WGSN #ICYMI guide to 2016. A rundown of the coolest moments of the year, the most innovative ad campaigns, plus super cool products that may have flown under your radar this busy year, and we’ll give you insight into the people (read: key influencers) who used 2016 as their warmup as they plan to take over in 2017.



WGSN Staffer: Katherine Ladt,  Senior Account Manager at WGSN.


Ok if you live in New York City then Glossier (the cool, new beauty brand loved by Millennials and Gen Z), might feel like old news, but for those of you living in the rest of the country and around the world, you have to get to know this cult beauty brand. This is not your average brand, it was set up by Emily Weiss, who started the beauty website Into The Gloss, and harnessed the site’s community to get real time consumer feedback to launch her beauty like Glossier. She started small with a few key products, and of those products my favourite has to be the Glossier Mask Duo, one for detoxing and one for moisturizing.

If you live in a big city like NYC, the city’s dirt, grime and population can play havoc with your skin, so this mask duo kit (which is available now as a gift set, if you fancy buying it for me 🙂 ) is ideal. Packaged with super foods and natural ingredients from Honey and Aloe, and Shea butter these are perfect for a mini pamper session.

I love the brand, the cute brand packaging, and the ethos of the brand as a retail disruptor, no wonder they just secured another whopping round of funding!

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 5.09.45 PM

Images courtesy of Glossier.com

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