#ICYMI Day 11: Book of the Month Club

We’re a week into December, the holiday season, a time for reflection and excitement for the year ahead. To help you take stock, reminisce about the good times, and get excited for 2017, for the entire month of December your WGSN global editors are cutting through the noise to deliver you, our “WGSN #ICYMI” rundown.

It’s a rundown of the coolest moments of the year, the most innovative ad campaigns, plus super cool products that may have flown under your radar this busy year, and we’ll give you insight into the people (read: key influencers) from this year, and those predicted to be the stand out stars of 2017.



WGSN Staffer: Ali Lind, Mindset Consultant

ali lind

Ok, so basically I love books, I’m a full-on book nerd, 15 percent of my apartment is covered in books and I’m currently in three book clubs. So stumbling across Book of The Month this year was the best thing I could have done. Book of the Month is essentially Netflix for books, you pay a monthly fee of $10 and you get one book a month, and you can add on other books for an additional discounted price.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.29.00 PM

The best thing about it is that you get such a great selection of the newest books so quickly, from established and emerging authors, plus you save on the retail price. Also, if you like surprises, you can also leave it up to the team to pick a book selection for you. After you’ve read each book, you can also log on and discuss the book with other members.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.29.18 PM

For a book nerd like me, it’s a cool way to cut through the noise and get a curated selection of the newest books, without the added stress of spending hours in a busy book store (more time for reading 🙂 ).

Also from a brand perspective, the business model is super savvy too. Book of the Month started in a more analogue form, in New York in the 1920s as a little book club, and in 2016 the whole business came online, merging the consumer love for books with a more accessible online format, that’s shareable too (check out their Instagram account of all the book club subscribers snapping and posting their fave reads).



Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 8.29.09 PM


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