IAM Weekend: From Cyber Ecology, to post-human philosophy

An annual summit in Barcelona, IAM Weekend is a conference unlike any other.

Founded in 2014 by alternative think tank and consultancy IAM (Internet Age Media), it’s designed to facilitate the discussion and construction of alternative futures for technology. The meeting helps to accelerate the mission of rethinking  principles, interactions and applications of digital technologies – all through research, education and collaboration.

In attendance this year was WGSN Insight editor Martina Rocca, who reports on emerging attitudes and key ideas. Here, she highlights her top key insights, fresh from IAM Weekend 2019

“During this three day-long experience, the audience’s understanding of the culture of internet is challenged and deconstructed. From a workshop to design better search engines, to a talk on Solarpunk and Cyber Ecology, new potential scenarios for the future started to emerge within my thinking. Can we store data in plants, and create a vegetal digital network? Is it possible to design VR experiences for the blind”?

The 2019 iteration of IAM Weekend took place around a central question: “How can we decelerate, decolonise and debrief the co-evolution of the internet(s) digital technologies and societies?”. It  presented an ambitious programme of thinkers, designers and disruptors, from post-human philosopher Dr. Francesca Ferrando, who explaining the benefits of “technology meditation”, to Gastón Lisak, co-founder of Random Happiness – a creative collective that adopts happiness as a revolutionary tool.

“Using the question around which the event was curated, I’ve grouped the key themes and insights into some problem-solving approaches,” says Rocca. “Visualisation, for example, is an approach that uses creative tools like digital renders to visualise, give dimension and embody immaterial technologies such as the internet. Radicalzz Studio, for example, presented a new visual language created in collaboration with multi-media French-based designer Julie Molinie for the emerging Solarpunk movement.”

WGSN Insight subscribers can stay posted for a full round up on WGSN Insight next week.

IAM Weekend 19: A Quantum Xmas Gift from IAM on Vimeo.

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