I Can't Help Myself: Marc Jacobs!


I told myself I wouldn’t talk about it, that it had already been analyzed to death, but I simply can’t help myself: I have a serious need to get the Marc Jacobs show out of my system before I explode. The editrixes here at Stylesight can’t stop talking about it and I’m still reeling from the whole ordeal: the two-hour wait, the backwards presentation, the Japanese feel of it all and the amazing palette. I’ve come to one conclusion amidst all this hoopla: I absolutely love it. New York Fashion Week isn’t known for innovation, and when you get down to it Marc Jacobs deserves a gigantic hug (I’m happy to volunteer) for at least doing something interesting and different with his show, because that’s what it is: a show! Speaking of shows, Fashion Week is over today, and I’m just about to head out and snap the last of my street pics, so if you’re looking good say hello and smile big!


If anything, the backwards presentation makes sense! Show ‘em everything quickly, get the crowd excited and then let them savor each look one by one.


Who knew dish-gloves could look so fashionable!


As with any Marc show, it was all about the shoes and the bags for me. Oh god I love those heels!


The midriff and lower back made special appearances throughout the show, without looking early ‘90s.


Maybe these hats are what called Comme des Garcons to mind for me.


So simple, yet so perfect. I would wear this like whoa.


And now I’m re-thinking my entire idea of bras being meant for innerwear only…


But my stance on quasi-sporty number dresses still stands: bad bad bad.

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  • i love the hills in the 2 n 4 pic! they are awesome!
    this girls are so skiny .. god

  • I can’t lie, girl…this collection made me nervous.

    The shoes, the half tops, the models with worse hair than I had in the 90’s, that grandma looking crocheted long skirt thing AND obviously, the 90’s, bebe sport-esque number dress.

  • Mellie

    wait a minute! did marc get a hold of my grandmother’s, my mother’s, my older sister’s, my younger sister’s and my closets?! I think he did! That silly little Marc. And btw, did you see Marc? I could hardly recognize hiM!

  • cindy loo

    well- It’s hard to make heads or tails of the collection. It is daring and there are some strong pieces. One thing that I difinitely see is a blend, a confusion that is a statement of what fashion is right now. It’s very street style and daring.

  • nykar

    i can’t help it, i can’t look at the clothes when the girl wearing them looks like a skeleton. the pink-dress-picture is creeping me out! everything except for the shoes (which are cool) looks like a horror movie to me. does marc jacobs do that to emphasize the beauty of his shoe designs? why does it distract me then?

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