Golly gosh, what jolly good fun: Hunter’s A/W 15 campaign
By Samantha Aldenton

Adventures, good clean fun and spiffing japes. WGSN Associate Digital Editor Digital Sam Aldenton on the Scottish brand’s Famous Five-esque offering

Jul 31, 2015


It’s a rosy-cheeked, beautifully backdropped campaign that looks like it must have been inspired by Enid Blyton’s Famous Five children’s book series.

If Calvin Klein‘s sexting campaign was a bit much for you, breathe a sigh of relief and take in Hunter Original‘s latest campaign AKA the most wholesome ad of Autumn/Winter 15.

It follows a group of young pioneers through the Scottish Highlands as they trek to the summit of a mountain stopping along the way for a picnic and running past a landscape of heathers, lichens, mountains and lakes. These are the colours which inspired the collection’s palette.


The stunning adverts invoke a sense of youthful adventure and were shot by photographer and filmmaker Elaine Constantine, working with Alasdhair Willis who conjured the nostalgic creative direction.

However one of the most interesting elements of the campaign is how it captures an otherworldly – almost too perfect view – of the Scottish Highlands. That unearthly feel comes from the fact they are in fact not exactly from this earth and were given a magical touch at the hands of digital artist Thomas Traum. A modern treatment of the landscape was created through the use of CGI which blurred the digital renders and photography into one.

A cute touch that one might not catch on first glance is also the way the stormy clouds can be seen rolling in closer with each of the four images.

This campaign is subtly linked to the brand’s London Fashion Week show, which saw the Scottish glens reappropriated as metal waterfalls cutting through the runway.




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