How to use colour, by designer and artist Justina Blakeney
By Laura Reynolds

From what shades are exciting now to how should you introduce colour in a neutral space, WGSN Associate Editor of Lifestyle & Interiors Laura Reynolds gets the scoop

Oct 13, 2015

Justina Blakeney
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If you haven’t come across Justina Blakeney before, then thank your lucky stars we’re about to introduce you to her. The colour and pattern fanatic is a passionate designer, artist, author and blogger – not to mention the type of person you wish you knew in real life as opposed to just on Instagram. We caught up with her to learn about her new projects, talk colour and find out where she looks to for inspiration…

What colours are important to you when it comes to interiors now?
I’m all about green right now! In my last home I had lots of pops of orange and yellow but these days I’m leaning in towards greens, aquas, teals and contrasting those colours with soft coral accents. Yum!

Justina Blakeney

You are currently renovating your new Jungalow by the River. Can you give us a sneak peak into how you’re using colour?
We have dark green Moroccan mosaic tiles with copper accents in the kitchen. The colour combo makes me happy when I’m cooking and the tiles are so glossy that the colors change pretty dramatically as the light changes through the day. In our TV room we’re doing a teal and brass combinations and we have plans to wallpaper that entire room with a teal and gold wallpaper from my new wallpaper collection with Hygge and West.

Justina Blakeney

When it comes to using colour in a neutral space, what advice would you give?
Plants and flowers are always a great and easy way to add pops of color without any commitment. I also love to switch out throw pillows when I want to add or change the accent colours in a room. If you’re feeling bored with your furniture you could always paint it – it’s an easy weekend project that you can easily change up every season.

Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney

Where do you go/look at for colour inspiration?
Nature is certainly my muse. I keep my eyes open always but one of my favourite things to do while traveling is take detail shots (I took hundreds while visiting the Cinqueterre this past summer). and then when I get home I swatch the images with photoshop and pull out interesting tones for my art and pattern work and/or for interiors inspiration.

We always enjoy finding out Pantone’s colour of the year. Any guesses what it may be for 2016? 
My Pantone color radar is usually pretty off but I’ll toss in a bid for Majorelle Blue.

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  • THANK you for introducing this great blogger. I hadn’t seen her before I read about her on WGSN, now I’ve spend nearly a full day looking at all her amazing stuff. Thank you for ever so great inspiration.

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