How To Drive Engagement On Sina Weibo, China’s Alternative To Twitter

All over the world social media is becoming more and more popular. International names like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are not only convenient for sharing pictures with friends, they have fast become an established channel for fashion bloggers and stars to personally share their life directly with their followers.

In China there are two social media platforms you must know! Closed network WeChat (which is similar to Line and Facebook) allows you to share photos and articles with your friends (only shared connections can see each other’s pictures and comments on updates providing an in-the-know feel) and Sina Weibo (which is like Twitter). On Weibo you can share pictures, links and even videos with everyone.

Although Weibo has already been around for more than 10 years and many have wondered when this platform will no longer be relevant, it’s still a go-to channel. For many Chinese users the social media platform is used as a news source. It’s a very convenient way to check what has happened recently or to research what’s trending.

Under Weibo's 'discover' tab you can check what's trending by topic

Under Weibo’s ‘discover‘ tab you can check what’s trending by topic

As a Chinese fashion blogger, today I will teach you how to use Weibo and gain followers by creating relevant posts.

1. Don’t Let Your Weibo Be Too Commercial

For lots of international brands and foreigners when they use Weibo, it looks too much like a commercial. They love to post beauty pictures and magazine covers instead of more day-to-day pictures. However, since Weibo is really similar to Twitter users expect to find everyday content that is relaxing, fun and more importantly entertaining. So to create a good Weibo account marketing content needs to be relevant to what’s happening that day. This way you can engage and educate your followers about your brand while also providing information to readers. To drive engagement let your account become one-of-kind.

2. Frequency Is Very Important

Building a good quality Weibo account is as hard as building a brand. To let your followers remember you, you have to post more. By posting more, I mean your posts need to be regularly scheduled. Don’t wait a long time to post on Weibo and then post a lot in one day. To have a high-quality Weibo account you have to make it enjoyable for your followers and be consistent.

3. Combine Content With A Trending Topic

Trending topics that people are already interested in are a great way to drive engagement and build your following. You need to be able to catch hashtags that are relevant to your target audience while they are still hot and publish your own point of view on Weibo. Just remember on Weibo you need a hashtag at the start and end of your post.

For example, as a fashion blogger during fashion week I share my thoughts daily on Weibo to let people check and get an idea of what’s happening in real time based on firsthand experience. On my posts about the Paris couture shows last season I had over 2,750,000 people look at my hashtag for this topic demonstrating how useful it is to appeal to followers with timely content.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 13.44.45

#monki带你去看秀# ‘monki takes you to watch runway shows’ had over 2,795,000 views

Like this guest post? Learn more about guest blogger and author: Monki Yuki

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Monki Yuki is an up-and-coming post 90s (born during the 1990s) fashion blogger who loves digital trends. She has freelanced for publications ELLE China and Vogue China. On her blog she covers fashion shows, style trends, inspiration and educational styling content about upcoming Asian influencers.

You can follow her on Weibo, check out her WeChat microblog (WeChat id: upto10) or view her work in progress website.

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