How one artist is mixing textile design with coding
By WGSN Insider

With his new exhibition, artist Faig Ahmed is re-imaging carpets as source code for visual communication. WGSN reports

Nov 25, 2016

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In our digitally enhanced world, words like ‘code and coding’ have become closely associated with the world of tech, and our favourite web pages. But one artist is taking traditional textiles and reminding us about hidden codes, biological codes, and the human codes for how we live our life today.

Faig Ahmed’s new exhibition called Source Code, is an evolution of his trademark work where he transforms carpets from simple home decor to attention-grabbing artwork. Inspired by his study of pre-historic petroglyphs, he seeks to show how carpets can convey a language, and be a source of visual communication.

His latest work, Source Code, does just that. He pulls apart and recreates traditional carpets and rugs originally from Caucasus, Turkey, Persia and India, and adds new elements to the traditional textiles. In one piece of art he asks the question: ‘You have wings, why do you crawl through life’. It’s a dynamic piece, which makes the viewer think about the power of graffiti, sprayed on walls outside with words that grab your attention, in contrast to the carpet which is gentle, quiet and often placed inside the home.


With other carpets, he alters the shape and size of them, in order to show how something old and traditional can be reimagined as new, innovative, other and different from its original shape.




Fuel, the artwork seen here, creates the illusion of a black substance poured over an intricate carpet, and references the oil in the region and how its been responsible for the area’s renaissance and destruction.

Flow, change, constant transformation and disintegration are reoccurring themes in Ahmed’s work, which feels very apt for the ever-changing world we’re in, a world which globally feels very uncertain right now. Faig’s work causes us to stop, think and access the changes, then work out our role in it all.




Source Code by Faig Ahmed is on display at the Sapar Contemporary Gallery until January 5, 2017.

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