How I transformed a personal style blog into a marketplace for new designers

I started my blog in 2010, right after leaving my reporter/fashion producer role at Elle Magazine in Brazil. I wanted to be online, produce timely content, include videos and carve out my own voice/brand in the online space.


At that time, blogging was new and the initial blogs were slowly garnering a large number of readers and media attention. When I started my early posts and updates, I had no sponsor or advertisers, it was just me, my ideas, my readers and my fellow bloggers trying to get a good audience.

From the very start I was never a “look of the day” type of blogger, posing in front of the mirror for descriptive outfit posts. Having a background in magazines I was more concerned about the message of the blog than just a couple of photos of me posing. The top 10 most read posts on my site were always the ones where I provided reviews of products and fashion tips, as well as new trends/designers.

As the time passed, I felt the need to approach more themes and who better to collaborate with than other fashion and design professionals? That’s how my blog evolved into a website. I gathered more than 20 experts to post weekly about beauty, décor, travel, music, gastronomy and of course male fashion – my audience is mostly female but I saw an increase in the number of men visiting the website.

In that way the website gained a more “virtual magazine” look. And soon more and more readers started to ask about where the products came from and where they could buy them. So my personal blog evolved into Os Achados which means ‘findings’ and I started to post one of a kind brands not mainstream brands, that’s my signature. It started as a hobby to uncover new designers and find cool, hidden vintage shops, but this personal obsession soon became my trademark and part of the website DNA and the reason for its success.

Soon, brands that identify with this concept approached me and proposed a co-creation of capsules collections together. Joining my personal taste with their expertise and know how, we managed to create products that reflected both of our personalities.

wgsn_blogger-marketplace-Wallpaper - Voler Collection - Created with ShopKola2

STYLE-BLOG- BRAZIL-Wallpaper - Voler Collection - Created with ShopKola1

Wallpaper – Voler Collection – Created with ShopKola1

The first one was with Dolores Iguacel, an Argentinian jewellery designer. I showed her some of my favourite vintage pieces and she designed brand new ones inspired by them. We named the collection “Mucha Women” and it was a big success!

After that many other collaborations happened with brands from different areas – handbags, beachwear and fine jewellery. That’s when I realised I could have my own shop to sell these products, on my own “house”, straight to my readers.


Décor – Acrilic Box with paper butterfly- Created with Mercatto Casa

And finally, this year, ShopAchados.com.br was born. Joining forces with Bia Costa, who has former experience with e-commerce in Italy and Brazil, we developed this platform that works as a marketplace.


We don’t actually sell the products, we don’t have a checkout page, instead we work as a window, in which we select our ‘findings’ from each brand – just picks from the collections, the pieces we love and that reflect our taste and lifestyle.

The great thing about it is that each product has the Bia Perotti “stamp”, which means our readers who rely on our taste and appreciate our fashion, travel and lifestyle advice, know it is something that Bia approves of.

wgsn_brazil-blogger-Icon bag - created with Guarda Mundo

Icon bag – created with Guarda Mundo

As you can see it was kind of a natural process. I think as the e-commerce market increases worldwide, the consumer will demand a channel in which they can get both content and a shopping experience at their fingertips.

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