How Brazilian women let go of their long hair addiction and embraced the lob (*the long bob)

My work has taken me to many countries and along the way I’ve learned one thing – every country has its own unique identity. In Brazil alone, I see differences from one city to another, so imagine that on a global scale from country to country.

Then factor in the rise of the Internet, and how Snapchat and Instagram fever informs you about trends and styles happening on the other side of the globe, from daring, colourful hairstyles to womenswear trends that you can pin to a Pinterest board. Plus, there’s also the rise of Internet ‘influencers’ who inspire us.

Yet despite all of this choice, I’m seeing one clear hairstyle cut through the noise, a huge number of women are requesting ‘the lob’ a style that feels fresh, exciting and very of the moment.

In Brazil it’s being adopted by women of all ages and with different hair types. In recent months, it’s the cut that the majority of my clients have asked for, this length which is by the shoulder near the clavicle bone. I remember when the first wave of actresses and fashion It girls began to emerge with this style, from Alexa Chung to the model Karlie Kloss. While the style grew in popularity in the US and the UK, I did not believe that Brazilian women would let go of the long hair addiction! In all my years of work, having long hair almost became a cultural characteristic of ours, and now suddenly the ‘lob’ is desirable replacing our fixation with long hair, a true example of global influences.

So why has this hairstyle become so popular?

Well, firstly in my salon, my clients now realise that they don’t have to stick to long styles – which they had previously chosen to “control” the volume, as long hair has more weight. Today, my clients realise that innovation in hair care products means they can style and control their hair, and in the salon I use special scissors for trimming the strands, as well as safer and more efficient chemical processes.

Second, the lob is a reflection of the fact that women here are embracing their natural locks and their natural wave, which makes going about their day a lot easier (less fuss and hassle when it comes to their hair). And as I travel I see this more and more, this change in global behaviour that leads us to want more practical things. In this time-pressured 24/7 connected world, we have less time and we want to spend that time well, so a style that embraces this is bound to be successful. The lob is all about less extensive hair care rituals, less time spent washing (and using less water for the Eco-conscious), less hair care products and less energy to dry and style, saving consumers time and money.

Throughout history, beauty like fashion, has always been a reflection of society at the time, and I think that this hair at shoulder height says so much  about our current times.

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