House of Bubbles: The new wardrobe sharing concept shop in Brazil
By WGSN Insider

With the sharing economy booming in Brazil, a new concept store shows how this trend has found its way to fashion. WGSN São Paulo correspondent Mel Meira reports

Nov 16, 2015

House of Bubbles Brazil
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House of Bubbles is the  São Paulo store putting sustainability first when it comes to influencing your wardrobe. The new store which just opened in Brazil encourages customers to share the latest designer items, as you all rent from one wardrobe.

A monthly subscription gives consumers access to key pieces from the collection, which includes over one hundred pieces from international brands like Anthropologie, Comptoir Des Cotonniers, Zadig & Voltaire, Christian Dior, and also Brazilian labels such as Osklen, Cris Barros and Reinaldo Lourenço.

But rather than adding to the throwaway generation, at the end of the rental, you check your clothes back in for someone else to enjoy! As the co-founder Dani Ribeiro puts it:

“We wanted something more sustainable that was not tied to sale, so we realised that the sharing economy model was what we were looking for. I strongly believe that House of Bubbles can make people realise that making use of a complete and much-desired shared wardrobe is a great thing. We hope that every day more and more people realise that in a world with finite resources there’s no need to buy everything, there are other ways to get what we want.”

House of Bubbles offers access to a sustainable service and it’s certainly a must-visit spot when in São Paulo.


City:  São Paulo

Where: Rua Dr. Virgílio de Carvalho Pinto, 61, Pinheiros/ +55 11 2366-4287

What: Shop/Buy clothes/Wash clothes/ Eat & Drink

Three reasons we love it…

WGSN House of Bubbles Outside Shot Brazil

1. Changing mindsets when it comes to fashion consumption

From co-working spaces to AirBnB, the global sharing economy is booming and this idea is definitely taking off in Brazil. This new São Paulo store is bringing the idea to shopping. On the site of an existing network of collaborative spaces in Brazil which encourage everything from co-working at House of Work to skill exchange at House of Learning, House of Bubbles is the latest venture to adopt the sharing economy idea.  Founder entrepreneur Wolf Menke, responsible for the other Houses, worked with Dani Ribeiro e Nathalia Roberto, to create the concept store. It’s proof that Brazilian consumers are changing their mindset when it comes to fashion consumption.

WGSN House of bubbles Brazil

2. Accessories and more

The service is a monthly subscription- where each customer can either rent one, three or six pieces at a time. It’s not just limited to clothing either , it includes accessories and shoes. Each rental is valid for 10 days and at the end of that period the customer can withdraw new items or renew those that already are in their possession.

3. A self-service laundry.

Wondering how House of Bubbles got its name? In addition to the rental service, the building also boasts a launderette, so clients can wash all the rented pieces right there.

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Photo credit: I Hate Flash and House of Bubbles

House of Bubbles: The new wardrobe sharing concept shop in Brazil

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