Hitting The Spot (AKA Ciate in Napa Valley)
By Emma Grace Bailey

Polka dots can be sophisticated, especially when they’re paired with this simple manicure. WGSN Beauty Assistant Emma Grace Bailey tests the latest nails trend

Aug 31, 2015


Sometimes a little simplicity is all you need, which is why I’ll be recreating this subtle dash of nail art in no time at all. A polka dot for the more sophisticated palette, colour paring is key. 

What: One of Olivia Palermo’s latest shades for Ciate – Napa Valley – spread liberally across the nail with a simple dot of golden lacquer placed strategically on three. Use Bobbi Brown’s nail art tool kit to perfect that circle.

Why: I tried to get on board with polka dots, I really did, but this is just so much more me. Dotty but not spotty.

Cons: Have a little patience before applying that contrasting dash of colour. Without it, the two mix together into an unflattering shade of puce. 


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Hitting The Spot (AKA Ciate in Napa Valley)

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