Hipster Bingo

hipsterbingosmall.jpgI’m sorry, but this cracks me up. I mean if you own a bar in New York or L.A. (or other fashion capital) then forget about buying a pool table or having “model karaoke” every Monday night. Just print out some of these bingo cards, get a few prizes together (AA gift certificate? a collection of Wes Anderson DVDs? free PBR?), and you’ll have the best bar entertainment anyone could ever want. This has been floating around on the internet for a minute now but Hipster Runoff just posted this new version which I think is the most accurate version yet. Still though, I couldn’t help but think of who/what I would select if I made my own card – because “masked DJ” and “rcrd hats” are just weird and no hipster would be caught dead in a slogan t-shirt in mid-2008. Here’s a few I came up with, feel free to add your own suggestions: Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony (someone wearing this), “civil war” beard dude, Cory Kennedy (you would have to spot the actual girl ala “Aoki”), Surface To Air multi-knuckle ring (the S2A “dagger” necklace would also work), Aggy, high-waisted denim shorts, vintage bicycle, heart-shaped sunglasses, small fedora girl…the list goes on.

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  • I like this, really cool. I need to print this out or something.

  • Anda

    “Wolf Shirt” is cracking me up.

  • Chelsea

    Hahaha, soo true. It just goes to show all these kids thinking they are original are far from it. I hope fashion evolves and we don’t keep wearing crap straight from the 80’s

  • I like hipster culture though. Being a hipster to me just means not being satisfied with having a boring 9-5 job and wearing pleated khakis from Macy’s. Unless you are wearing them in an ironic fashion of course.

  • Warhol wore khakis.

  • Can someone please make a dbag bingo board? Please?

  • Dbag bingo!! Item #1, button-up-french-cuff-spread-collar express dress shirt that’s untucked, uncuffed, and unbuttoned all the way to the naval. Yikes.

  • kitty

    omg @ the items on the bingo board .. i’ve seen all that multiplied times 20 here in Philly ..

    you need to add:

    -jeans shorts cut off at the knee
    -tattoo on the chest that peaks through v-neck white tee (from AA)
    -bicycle ring on waist
    -skippy tennis shoes
    -obama pin

  • The deep V AA necklines are the best!!

  • ‘masked dj’ is actually not so strange. we have them in seattle–seattle!!

  • Anonymous

    I believe someone already made dbag bingo.