Hello’s bedroom sensors – the Internet of Things gets beautiful

Two of the key barriers to consumer adoption of the Internet of Things right now are aesthetics and ease. If products aren’t beautiful to look at and convenient to fit into rituals around the home that we already have, we’re unlikely to go to the effort of investing in them – whether that investment is time, money or both.

Sense, a new sleep enhancing system by Hello, gets around both of these problems with a simple user interface, discreet design and simple use case.

The first part of the system, a small, white, pill-shaped sensor called Sleep Pill, clips to the edge of a pillow and tracks quality of sleep by monitoring when you drift off, how often you toss and turn, and how many times you wake. Its partner, the ball-shaped Sense, sits on a bedroom table, and collects information about the conditions of the room, including humidity, temperature, light and noise.

Using the two devices together, users can find out what their sleep was like, and then figure out why; and their bedtime rituals are not disturbed. Clipping a pill to your pillow to help you sleep better makes sense – we sometimes take pills to help us sleep – and is easily done. The Sense hub, meanwhile, also functions as an alarm by playing sounds to wake you up at a pre-set time. Having an alarm on the bedside table is something many people are used to, so the device already has a natural place in the home.

Hello’s sleep sensor system retails for $129, which includes one Sense and one Sleep Pill. While this is still a price point that is aspirational rather than essential, the design of the product elevates it to an aesthetic that fits – bringing the IoT one step closer to a reality that consumers will want to buy into.

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– Sarah Housley

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