Graphic Gems: Anthony Burrill Shares His Collection Of Printed Material
By Hannah Watkins

If you’re in search of some graphic candy, then cast your eyes over Anthony Burrill’s latest project.

Apr 05, 2016

2 photos

Graphic designer Anthony Burrill has launched an impressive online archive of collected ephemera and printed material, showcasing over 400 images of typography, graphic design and printed motifs. In collaboration with Jon Bland and built by developer Neal Fletcher, the slick website features everything from 20 year old labels to hundreds of letterforms.


The pre-digital quality of the images is what sets this apart from other graphic tumblrs, as well as the carefully curated selection. Plus, each image is captioned and tagged with keywords, allowing the user to easily search for a particular style or element. Its the perfect resource for any designer on the hunt for inspiration.


So if you’re in need of some graphic candy, then head over to

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