Grapefruit rosé: the new drink of the summer
By Sarah Housley

Fruity, fresh and sunshine-friendly, the French speciality will see you through a summer of garden parties. WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors Editor Sarah Housley reports

May 05, 2016

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When you think of summer drinking, you probably think of fun, fruit-flavoured drinks – it’s the time of year when Pimm’s cups, strawberry cider, iced margaritas and, of course, rosé, all suddenly become acceptable (unless, like me, you’re a dedicated fan year-round). But this summer, there’s a new contender vying for your attention – and it’s seriously tasty: meet grapefruit rosé.

WGSN_02_Grapefruit Rose

Traditional to the south of France, grapefruit rosé is made by adding a dash of grapefruit syrup, extract or juice to bottled rosé wine. The cocktail combination infuses the rosé with a touch of citrus tang, a lighter flavour and a lower alcohol strength – all perfect for long, hot summer days and nights.

Over the past few years, winemakers have been steadily transplanting the idea from the Côte d’Azur to other climes, particularly across the US. British drinkers can get their grapefruit rosé fix too, with national supermarkets stocking French varieties.

Basically, think of it as rosé with a touch of sunshine. We’ll drink to that.

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