Grace Coddington launches her first celebrity fragrance
By WGSN Insider

What does US Vogue creative director at large Grace Coddington have in common with J.Lo and Katy Perry? They’ve all launched their own celebrity fragrances. WGSN contributor Bella Gladman reports

Apr 08, 2016


Instagram was abuzz this week with the news of Coddington’s debut perfume, Grace by Grace Coddington.

The scent is based on “a trail of roses”, a traditional English floral scent the Anglesey-born former model and fashion director has loved “since childhood,” reports the New York Times.

The fragrance has been developed with Christian Astuguevieille, the resident nose at its producer Comme des Garcons’ perfume division. Comme des Garcons has a history of producing scents with celebrity fashion influencers, including Pharrell Williams and Daphne Guinness.

Designed by influential creative director Fabien Baron, the bottle’s top is shaped like a cat’s head in homage to her beloved pets, sketches of whom pepper her Instagram feed and were published in 2006’s The Catwalk Cats.

News of the perfume comes after Grace announced earlier this year her plans to step down from her creative director role at Vogue to become creative director at large and make time for more of her own personal endeavours.

Despite her reputation for creating genre-defining fashion shoots, she’s not the first public figure to launch feline perfume flacons – Katy Perry got there first with her Purr and Meow scents, which hit beauty counters in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Upon finding out that Perry had already created a cat-shaped bottle, Coddington said “it really upset [her]” but she hopes her perfume is “more refined.”

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