Google’s new logo: The expert analysis
By Sara McCorquodale

The font, the colour sequence and what Google wants you to think about it

Sep 02, 2015

Google new logo

Google has a new logo. No big deal, right? Well, it’s sort of a big deal actually – changing your branding when you’re as huge as Google is a big risk. No matter where you live, what you do or what language you speak, a good logo is universal and transcends everything. It’s pretty important.

So, does Google’s new logo work and what does it say about the company? We spoke to George Garrastegui Jr – Assistant Professor of Communication Design at New York City College of Technology – to get his expert opinion on the company’s new look and what it means.

The main takeaway? Google has evolved. Garrastegui says: “Google is such a behemoth now. When you think about it, it started out simply as a desktop application, but these days it does so much and is accessed – a lot of the time – on smaller devices. The culture of the smaller screen has to be acknowledged in its logo.

“The old logo had began to look antiquated. Because of smaller screens, everything needs to be bolder. However, the company is staying very true to its look. Keeping colour consistent, but slightly softer, is powerful – think about it, those four simple colours are now undeniably linked with Google. Also, as it still has those same colours in the same sequence, the new logo feels very Google.”

And what about Sans Serif as the new font? “It’s definitely more modern and communicates this is a company moving into the future,” says Garrastegui. “It’s flat, and makes the G simple but iconic. It’s minimal and straight to the point. Although the typeface has changed, it’s definitely on brand. It’s worth noting this isn’t easy to do – we’ve seen a lot of mishaps when other companies try to do this – Yahoo, Gap and JC Penney are just a few recently.”

Overall analysis of the logo? “Google totally understands its audience and what they want.”

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  • James Wong

    Google’s new logo is childlish and becomes general style. thus, not unique in shape. Fuck this stupid modern style logo. I want a future-liked style logo, Google!!!

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